protect skin

Tips to protect skin from the sun

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is essential to our body for the production of vitamin D that strengthens bones and musculature system. However, you should be very careful with the sun and protect your good skin with cream high protection factor, especially when you still have white skin, to avoid skin damage such as burns, premature aging or cancerous melanomas. Sun exposure should be progressive and never very long. Avoid long days at the beach or pool and protect yourself in the shade for example under an umbrella.

protect skin

Date always sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Creams with high factor (50+) are your ally for a healthy tan without burning, especially when we banquet skin. Your skin type is key l will lower the greatest risk of burning and those who should exercise caution. Apply sunscreen half an hour before sunbathing. You must return to give cream every two hours and always after swimming in the sea or pool. Read more »

Best foods to keep your heart healthy

You want to keep your heart healthy? The best way to do this is by maintaining a healthy diet rich in low-fat foods. There are some foods that can not be out of your diet, what are they?

There is scientific evidence indicating that 70% of cases of heart disease can be prevented by maintaining a healthy diet. Arthur Agatston, renowned cardiologist and founder of the South Beach diet, says about this : What’s good for the heart is good for the brain and good for general health. If you would like to know more information about health care, you could choose Phoenix Home Health Care.


But, do not think you should just focus your attention on the main meals. On the contrary, from breakfast to dinner, including snacks, can be heart healthy if you put your mind. You only need to include certain foods, which ones?

Heart Healthy Foods:

The Oats

It is ideal to start the day with a tasty and nutritious bowl of oatmeal. It is a food that has a rich content of omega 3 fatty acids, folic acid and potassium. Moreover, it is a good source of fiber, beneficial to lower LDL cholesterol levels and help keep your arteries clear.


This fish is famous for its extraordinary content in omega 3 fatty acids, which can be of great help to regulate blood pressure and maintain healthy levels of clotting. It is scientifically proven that two servings per week can risk to suffer a heart attack. Apparently, salmon contains a carotenoid called astaxanthin, an antioxidant very powerful capable of preventing heart disease. Read more »

Pineapple juice: the best natural remedy for cough

Are you a fan of pineapple? Well then think twice before taking a medication the next time you have a cough. Better yourself a rich pineapple juice, because no better remedy for a cold than this. Lemon Juice, sprays eucalyptus, tea with honey … All excellent choices when used as a home remedy for cough. But it’s time for you to meet one that is considered the best of all juice pineapple. This fruit has wonderful properties to fight respiratory problems.

Why the pineapple juice is good for cough

Pineapple juice is great for cough. Not only because of its high content of some vitamins such as A or C, which are always important to keep the immune system strong. But also for its bromelain content. This substance would be primarily responsible for the great power that has antitussive pineapple.


Consuming pineapple helps relax the airways and control processes cough. And not because we happen, but because science does not state so. Research conducted in India showed that patients taking tuberculosis with cough pineapple juice, recovered 5 times faster than those who had not taken. Bromelain will help to shrink your throat, bronchi and relieve your combat those pesky snot that accumulate in your nose. It’s time you go thinking about buying a rich pineapple.

How to prepare and take the pineapple juice cough

Only pineapple juice

As it has no science. Simply extract the juice of pineapple with juice extractor. Or you crush pineapple and then go through a Chinese strainer to get as much juice as possible. They drink when you want, usually in the morning and evening. You can even warm up a little to make it easier to take it. Read more »

What It indicates when you have Stomach pains

What It indicates when you have Stomach pains

Abdominal issues are classified as the worst-and they can occasionally be embarrassing we have many had sudden diarrhea before, right? However, you will discover varieties of pain, and every can deliver insight in what is really taking in ones gut. Here are the most common abdominal symptoms in addition to what they can be telling people about your overall health.

What It indicates when you have Stomach pains

Prevention Proposes

Where to start: There is not any one-size-fits-all alternative. Your reflux symptoms trigger ingredients are seeing that individual when, he / she says. The great thing is, once you decide what bothers you, cutting it from a diet really should help lots. You may sleep a little bit propped in place (at in regards to 15-degree angle) to help keep the p down with your stomach whereby it sits. Read more »

Important Tips For Building Chest Muscles

If you take a look at the men who hit the gym today, we can see that all of them want a ripped chest. Well, we all know the reason as it is really helpful to attract the opposite sex. We should mention that it can attract men as well! When it comes to developing a sexy chest, there is nothing complicated about it. It’s not rocket science. As long as you are determined, hardworking and focused, you can come up with ripped chest. Consistency and perseverance are very important if you want to develop chest muscles. If you are willing to go that extra mile, you will walk away with sexy, attractive chest like a model.

More about chest muscles

Before we see the exercises, let’s learn more about chest muscles. Chest muscles have 2 sub muscle groups and they are called pectorals minor and pectoralis major. Now you know from where the term “pecs” comes from. As far as building chest muscles is concerned, the weight lifting exercise plays a big part. The pressing movements are the key to building chest muscles.

Pressing movements

When it comes to building chest muscles, many assume that chest flyers are the best chest workouts. Well, they are really important when it comes to chest workouts. But the real champion is pressing movements. They have a dramatic effect on building chest muscles. There are plenty of examples for pressing movements, including flat bench press, incline chest press, seated dips, decline chest press dumbbell presses etc.

There is no magic formula

When it comes to developing your chest muscles, you need to remember the fact that there is no magical formula to get it done. All that you have got to do is to focus on the pressing movements on a regular manner. As stated before, perseverance and hard work are the keys to achieving what you want to achieve. You need to keep at it on a daily basis to walk away with incredible results. You will see substantial muscle development when you focus on the right exercises.

The following lifts are the most important ones when it comes to your chest development.

Bench press

building-chest-musclesThanks to for providing us free use of the image.

Bench press is really effective in building your chest. There are 3 varieties that include incline, decline and flat bench presses. We are basically talking about a basic compound movement here. The incline version focuses on the upper region, whereas the decline version focuses on the lower region. Flat bench press targets both. Read more »

gastric bands

Gastric bands may cause undesirable backlashes

Gastric group surgery is probably the most well known surgeries picked by people who would like to lose fat quickly. Nonetheless, latest procedures demonstrate that these kinds of procedures might bring about undesirable effects. The study was carried on in Britain.

The basis with the research

The examiner was situated in a girl who acquired undergone gastric group surgery but was required to face plenty of consequences in which she had not been warned regarding. Furthermore, she continued to handle these consequences for decades after the woman underwent the task. The key complaints the woman acquired were nighttime sweats, cough seen as yellow and green sputum as well as the cough has been continuous.

gastric bands

She furthermore complained in which treatments regarding asthma that has been a long-term condition together with her, are not giving the girl good outcomes after the woman underwent the particular surgery. The woman was 49 years old when the woman visited the particular clinic with your problems. The surgery occurred in ’08. It has been a laparoscopic variable gastric group surgery. This kind of woman has been seriously overweight, with anybody size index regarding 45, which can be much previously mentioned the overweight range. Right after she has surgery, her physique mass list came because of 33.


The basis for the torso infection was anticipated to be tuberculosis. Nonetheless, the danger was negated after some chest radiographs as well as other tests. The checks also showed the woman acquired a cavity inside the left higher zone with the chest. Tuberculosis has been suspected due to other symptoms for instance night sweats. After a lot more tests that ruled out the chance for any key disease, doctors suspected which it was the particular gastric band that has been causing the complete problem. It started to be known the ingested foods entered the girl lungs, brought on cavitations, and all of those other problems. Her bronchi were ruined with several small perforations, which generated infection. She has been prescribed antibiotics for your problem. Although they will do reduce the effects, we were holding only momentary.

What the particular doctors ultimately did

After duplicated attempts regarding curing the situation, using mouth medication medical doctors had simply no other move but to be able to empty the particular gastric group. This requires sucking out there the liquid inside the gastric band fitted in the woman’s stomach. Soon next, the issues were almost all solved. Inside the following months, the lady put about healthy fat, which the lady had lost as a result of use regarding antibiotics. The girl BMI will be stands with 35. Even though the gastric band has now filled, you can find no undesired problems.

heart attack risk

Know With regards to Your Heart Attack Risk

Heart problems are higher than a serious health issue is the No. 1 reason behind death in both males and females: Roughly 1000, 000 folks die of heart problems in the usa every yr. But due to the fact women have got longer life span than guys, they constitute a more substantial proportion with the elderly population when the likelihood of heart problems is very best. For days gone by 3 many years, there are already significant is reduced in heart problems mortality for men and women, especially inside the older human population. However, recent info suggests too little improvement in heart problems rates inside women age group 55 and younger.

heart attack risk

Coronary artery condition (CAD), which can cause heart assaults, is the most frequent type of heart problems. A coronary heart attack occurs if the blood and also oxygen supply for the heart muscle tissue is in part or entirely compromised, usually because of cholesterol plaque buildup inside the blood ships. In females, heart assaults cause a single in a few deaths annually; approximately a single woman dies from your heart strike every second. Read more »

Brand-new At-Home Solutions to Help Your Hair

Brand-new At-Home Solutions to Help Your Hair

It’s normal to shed hair from 50 to 100 hairs a day, in fact but some 40% of American women are losing noticeably more by midlife, according to data presented at the most recent meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology. The signs can be subtle seeing more hairs in your brush and in the drain, and realizing that your part is widening or that you can wrap an elastic band more times around your ponytail than before. Often women are not aware of thinning hair until they have lost 15% of their hair volume, which means it started long before they noticed it says trichologist, hair and scalp expert Philip Kingsley.

Brand-new At-Home Solutions to Help Your Hair

Fortunately, regardless of why your hair is thinning whether it is from genetics, hormonal changes, medications, medical conditions or lifestyle factors new treatments that you can do at home show promise in restoring fuller manes. In just one recent finding, women who took Viviscal Professional oral tablets daily saw a significant increase in number of hairs as well as an increase in their diameter. Read more »

healthy eating routine

Creating healthy eating routine

This may appear strange, but having alone is just not a quite healthy behavior. The proper way to take is for the dining table while using entire family members present. What happens if you eat by yourself that you just do other things even though eating including watching television set reading textbooks or wholesaling through mages?

Focus in eating is mostly less every time a person feeds alone. For those who have company even though eating, people inside group check for each various other and make sure everybody shared has swallowed well. Additionally, when you have company even though eating, you happen to be happier and your senses will be more alert. This assists in greater digestion along with absorption involving food. The get older old adage that this family has to dine together at least once a day is usually, a very good healthy having tip.

healthy eating routine

Preserve a foodstuff journal

maintaining a new food record is the best way to develop good diet. When anyone maintains a new food record, you recognize how much of the type of food you happen to be eating. This assists you to balance any occasion to help you have comprehensive nutrition. This is a great guide to hold should you be body fat. You can monitor the calorie consumption and harmony them inside week. Besides maintaining your current menu, its also wise to keep a record of the variety and occasion of having. You need to try to maintain up precise having timings so your body will surely have a systematic technique of working. Read more »

Preparing for laser eye surgery: Things to consider

Laser eye surgery is becoming an increasingly popular procedure. It offers many benefits, the main ones being that you can immediately have your vision improved and will no longer need to pay for glasses or contact lenses. However, it is important that you are aware of how to prepare for the procedure and what risks it can involve.

The LASIK eye surgery procedure is straightforward and usually only takes around 15 minutes to perform. Before the procedure is carried out, you will undergo an examination from an eye doctor, who will check that your eyes are in a healthy enough condition for you to have the surgery.

Once your eyes and health have been checked and your eye doctor signs off on going through with the surgery, you will be given eye drops to help keep you comfortable during the procedure. The surgeon will work on each eye separately, marking your cornea before creating a thin flap. A laser will then be used to remove small amounts of corneal tissue to help reshape it.


The procedure may differ depending on your vision. For example, if you are nearsighted, then the surgery will involve flattening the cornea, while for far-sighted people, the cornea will need to be steeper. During the procedure, the surgeon will use a computer so that the laser can be adjusted to suit your type of vision.

Once the corneal tissue has been removed, the surgeon will then put the flap back into place to cover the area. The procedure is painless and you will not need any stitches or dressing. However, you may feel a pressure on your eye, and there may be some itching or burning afterwards. Blurred vision can also occur, but this usually clears up by the following morning.

Before you undergo the procedure, you will need to prepare. It is recommended that you stop wearing glasses or contact lenses a few weeks before surgery. Make-up or skin lotions should be avoided the day before and on the day of the procedure, and you will need to arrange transport to and from the place where you are having LASIK eye surgery performed due to the risk of blurred vision following the procedure.

You will also need to be aware of any costs that the procedure will involve. As the surgery is elective, some insurance companies may not provide coverage. If you are preparing for LASIK eye surgery in Denver, then you can check if your insurance will cover the cost of the surgery. Read more »

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