How to treat hormonal acne

Acne affects both men and women of all ages. Although it may be due to a number of different factors, ranging from poor diet to bacteria on the skin, many people have hormonal acne. Throughout life, our hormone levels fluctuate. The first stage hormonal intense occurs at puberty and fluctuations continue as we grow. Many times, adult acne is related to hormones. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to treat hormonal acne.
hormonal acne


Clean your skin twice a day with oil free cleanser. Daily cleaning will help keep your skin free of makeup, bacteria and other contaminants that can aggravate your acne. Avoid cleaners that contain harsh soaps or oils that may worsen your acne. Read more »

How to cover dark circles with makeup

Almost everyone had to deal with dark circles. Whether it were caused by a long night of fun, by hormonal changes or by prolonged sun exposure, dark circles appear at the most inopportune moments. Many people offer “miracle cures” to help cover them, but the fact is that you can hide quite well with the common makeup. The key is a good application effect and a near-eye dark circles are having on your skin.
dark circles


Look closely at the color of your dark circles. They can be blue, purple, brown, or a combination of these three colors. Diagnose your color will help you choose the right concealer and allow you to cover them more easily.

Apply foundation on dark circles using a makeup sponge or applicator. You probably want to put a little more basic than you would apply normally, but of course that is just a little. The base, which evens out your skin tone, helps dark circles begin to resemble the rest of your skin and shows you the areas that need more correction.
Choose a concealer that specifically counteracts the color of your dark circles. If they look purple, choose a yellow-toned concealer, but if you are blue, look for one orange tone. If you have brown, blue or mauve choose a concealer, and if they are red, olive tone should be. You’ll want one color offset the color of dark circles and restore the balance of your skin.

Apply the concealer with the other end of your applicator to cover dark circles, paying particular attention to those areas that are more noticeable. Ideal way to apply concealer is placing dots under your eyes and then tapping for diffusing. The corrector may seem a bit shrill on the package, but when I applique your dark circles look very normal and hide their appearance.

Apply powder to fix dark circles concealer, translucent powder using a fine color of your skin. This will make the work you made to stay in place without resorting to tweaks throughout the day.

Apply your concealer on dark circles regularly to complete consistency with the rest of your face.

Chemical treatment the hair with keratin

Chemical treatment of hair with keratin have several names and come in various recipes, so it can be confusing and difficult to decipher the list of ingredients on product packaging. However, it is beneficial to know as a consumer what you are buying and using so you can make an informed decision when investing in treatments for hair keratin.
Chemicals treating

Keratin treatments are semi-permanent hair smoothing products through a process of stretch blow drying with high-temperature flat plate. The duration of the results varies from home and one treatment at a salon. The effects of a home treatment can last up to 30 days while a professional straightening can last several months. Read more »

Almond milk and its side effects

Almond milk is a healthy alternative and nutritious soy milk or cow’s milk. Almond milk is dairy free, cholesterol free and contains high levels of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Praise from almond milk are endless, however there are some dangers to the carton, including high amounts of sugar and the condition of a goitrogenic food.
Almond milk

Almonds are a goitrogenic food, meaning they contain chemicals that can damage the thyroid . The goitrogenic foods such as soybeans, cabbage, kale, flax, broccoli and almonds, cause the thyroid to expand, and when consumed in high level, causes the formation of goiters because one of the prevalent chemicals found in goitrogens block iodine intake. While goitrogens may be harmful when they are consumed in large quantities, are at the same time safe and beneficial for the human immune system. However, for those with low thyroid function, restriction of consuming large amounts of goitrogens is critical. Almond milk contains levels of goitrogenic toxins produced from almonds and should be avoided by people at risk of low thyroid function. For people who have a healthy function of the thyroid , consuming a moderate amount of almond milk every day will have no negative effect on the thyroid

As the trend to replace cow’s milk with milk soy in your baby’s bottle, replacement with almond milk is equally dangerous. Almond milk is not an adequate source of nutrition for a baby and while breast milk or formula is replaced by almond milk, the baby will likely develop malnutrition and health complications for life . Even the occasional feeding of almond milk (altering breast milk or formula) is dangerous and not recommended. Studies of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition have demonstrated autoimmune thyroid disease in babies who take almond milk. The concentration of chemicals goitrogenic in relation to the body of a baby is much greater than when consumed by an adult. Therefore, even in moderation, foods such as goiters almond milk should be avoided during childhood.
One of the most obvious disadvantages of almond milk is the high percentage of sugar contained compared to cow’s milk. Almond milk contains natural sugar , but is added by most manufacturers during processing to improve taste. Most commercial almond milks contain about 20 grams of sugar per serving. Fortunately, there are now brands unsweetened almond milk on the market that contain as little as 1 gram of carbohydrate per serving.

Difference between baby teeth and permanent teeth

Dentition, loss of teeth, the Tooth Fairy and permanent teeth are common terms for any parent with a child under 13 years. There are many differences between these two types of teeth, but both baby teeth and permanent are prone to decay if not maintained properly. If you are not sure if a tooth is milk or permanent visit to a dentist to assist you at some point.
baby teeth

According to the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, the teeth of milk, also known as primary teeth start to come through the gums of infants between 4 and 12 months of age . The teeth of the lower side to the center, called central incisors usually are the first to emerge, eight months on average. The rearmost molars of the lower side are usually the last to leave and may be up to 26 months . Children usually begin to lose their baby teeth at age six, and the last baby tooth falls normally at age 12. Children usually have 28 permanent the age of 13 teeth and then four wisdom teeth , which are behind the molars and usually go out to 21 years. Read more »

How to relieve back pain through traction therapy

If you’re one of the millions who suffer from chronic back pain can be trying any known treatment to relieve your symptoms. Physical therapy, gentle exercise, heat, ice and alternative treatments can, in some cases, provide relief. Depending on what is causing your back pain, you can also try the traction therapy. Traction works to gently stretch your back. If your back pain is caused by tight muscles or pressure on a nerve, this extension will help to relieve pressure. Attraction type you use depends on your condition and what part of the spine is affected.
relieve back pain


Go where your physical therapist or massage for a gentle manual traction. You’ll have to lie down on a flat table and allow your body to relax. If pain in the lower back, the therapist will keep your ankles and / or heels and will pull very gently. This will help stretch the muscles and relieve pressure on the nerves and discs. If the pain is in the upper back, the therapist will keep your neck and head, gently raise and will pull. The more you relax and you can release the tension you’re having, the better the results. Read more »

How to back pain in the lower back while you sleep

Most people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. The pain medication may help some, but there are other options for pain relief that can provide a long term solution to your back pain. Some simple solutions let you relieve your back pain while sleeping. If the pain lasts more than 10 days, consult your doctor, chiropractor or massage therapist for professional help.
relieve pain

Your mattress
If your mattress is more than five years, you may have bulges and gaps that cause pain in the lower back.  If you can not afford to replace your mattress immediately need a short term solution. Insert a piece of plywood between the mattress and box springs as you get the money to replace the mattress. You can also buy an air chamber which is placed under the mattress and allows you to apply a support where you need it. Read more »

Finding a Job as a Nurse in London

London is a city with endless opportunities for job-seekers; so many, in fact, that the possibilities can be quite overwhelming. There are so many people looking for jobs now, but at the same time, there are many openings. For those looking to make a difference in the lives of others, nursing is a popular profession to pursue. And there are so many clinics and hospitals in London that finding nursing jobs in London is easier than finding jobs in many other industries. Still though, you need to be educated and prepared to dive into this job search if you want to find a nursing job you love.

First things first: Education

In order to work as a nurse, you’ll need to go through the proper schooling and training in order to get licensed. Nursing school is where you will receive your formal training, so make sure you apply early while still in undergraduate. Nursing school can be long and grueling, so you’ll need to be really committed to this career. People who have gone down the path to becoming a nurse overwhelmingly agree that the hard work they put in was worth it to have such a fulfilling career.

Make connections at residency

Your residency will follow nursing school, and this is a time where you will get the chance to rotate in and work in many different medical fields. Residency is a time that you’ll really get a feel for what you like and don’t like in the nursing field. You might find that you really prefer to work with kids, or cancer patients, or older adults. Whatever the case may be, keep your mind open and don’t set your heart on working in only one particular field after residency. Keeping your options open will increase the chances of finding a job. Read more »

Effects of excess riboflavin

Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, is a vitamin soluble in water that helps produce energy in every cell of the body. It is necessary for skin, hair, liver, heart, nerves, blood cells, lining of the digestive system and metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins healthy. Since dairy products, liver, mushrooms, eggs, green leafy vegetables, legumes, fish, fortified bread and grain products contain riboflavin, regular American diet provides adequate amounts. Because excess amounts are discarded through the urine, there are very few known side effects, but the evidence shows that excessive amounts may cause effects.

Effects of excess riboflavin

Adverse cellular effects
According to Smart Publication analysis of nutritional studies, riboflavin has the ability to react with the light, which results in adverse cellular effects. In the article “Excess vitamin B2, riboflavin can be toxic, “Dr. Joseph Pizzorno speculated that exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet light for individuals with excessive intake of riboflavin can cause problems that regularly prevented. The combination of riboflavin and light is used by scientists to induce cataracts, liver dysfunction and mutations in animal studies, and according to Sigma-Aldrich, high levels of riboflavin in combination with light can promote accumulation of toxic hydrogen peroxide Photo adduction and riboflavin-tryptophan which damages the liver and cells. According to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, studies in the culture cell indicate that excess riboflavin may increase the risk of breaks in DNA strip when chromium, a carcinogen, is present . Read more »

What are the symptoms of excess calcium ?

Excess calcium can occur when many calcium-rich foods or more calcium supplements the suggested daily amount consumed. Some medical conditions may also affect how calcium is absorbed in the body; and result in excessive calcium retention over time. There are several symptoms that most identified with excess calcium.
symptoms of too much calcium

Foods rich in calcium
Foods rich in calcium are milk, cheese, other dairy products and salmon and dark green vegetables and dried beans. According to the website Health Castle, the recommended calcium intake for adult men and women is 1,000 mg per day and pregnant women adhere to the same concession. A menopausal women are allowed 1,200 mg per day. The values ​​daily outside these limits should be evaluated and approved by a medical professional. Read more »