Make your own yoga supplies

Accessories handmade yoga can be great gifts, and add a personal touch to any yoga practice. Accessories can be expensive and are not always organic. Make your own yoga supplies with recycled materials and natural fillings. Use fabrics to create interesting designs visually unique accessories. Borda or related applied as yoga lotus flowers, symbols om or mandalas on accessories for a personal touch images.


Sew your own belt and lavender eye pillow

Find your supplies. Cut out old clothing and reuses the material, or looking fabrics in thrift shops. To find pieces large recycled fabric, choose curtains or draperies. You can also find belt buckles in D. For dried lavender flowers and flax seeds, see your local health food store or online Get Them.

yoga supplies

Sew a strap for yoga fabric made with reused and 2 belt buckles as D. To make a belt not need four strips of elastic fabric. Genus using four pieces of the strap makes it more resistant. Cut each strip 95 inches (240 mm) long by 2 inches (5 cm) wide. Une right sides of the four strips with pins. Leaving a margin of 3/8 (9 mm) inch, sewing three sides of the fabric, leaving an open end. Cut and sewn stitching reinforces again just along the edge. Turn the fabric. Use a Chinese stick to gently push the corners out. Use a steam iron to smooth wrinkles. Turn inwards the unstitched edge of the rectangle about 1/4 (6 mm) inch and iron the edge to hold it in place. Sew the open end. Sewn back along the entire edge of the belt. The belt is almost ready: you only need to put the D-shaped buckles Locate two buckles in D on one end of the strap and fold the other end over about 2 inches (5 cm). Une folded edge with pins and sew across two or three times to firmly secure the buckles.

Meditation makes a pad eye with a soft cloth. Cut two pieces of fabric rectangles on 8 1/2 by 4 inches (1.5 by 10 cm). Une right sides of the fabric with pins. Sew three sides of the rectangle, leaving one of the shorter ends open. Turn the side right out of the box. If the corners are in, use a toothpick to push the Chinese out gently. With the hot iron removes wrinkles. Fold the open edge of the rectangle inward 1/4 inch (6 mm) and iron it to keep it in place. Use a funnel to fill the pillow with flax seed and lavender flowers. Use enough to fill the pad remains full, but not packed. Attach the open edge with pins and sew.