Zona: when worries lurk

Generally very painful, herpes zoster is an acute dermatosis of viral origin. Opportunity to see how a small officer infection of four letters, benign in appearance, may our skin a real hell.

Most of us carry the herpes zoster virus. Origin: chicken pox! EH Yes, primary infection, this first contact, occurs during early childhood: varicella-zoster viruses do one.

worries lurk

Dr. Jekyll in childhood, Mister Hyde in adults
When chickenpox, the virus penetrates and multiplies in the airway and past in the blood then reaches the skin, its main target. There, it induces a characteristic vesicular rash in the form of small droplets. Once the rash is gone, the virus settles in sensory nerve ganglia (spinal posterior, cranial, dorsal roots) where it will remain permanently.

Its reactivation depends on specific factors, the main one being the age and a decrease in the immune system that occurs when the body is suffering from cancer, infection or a neurological disease. Shingles can also occur after radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment.

Whatever its origin, it always takes the same form: a rash localized (unlike chickenpox, which is General), made of vesicles arranged on reddened skin. These lesions are still on the journey of a sensory nerve. Most often found on the chest or along one or more sides. In addition to its skin annoyances, Herpes Zoster causes severe nerve pain that can either precede, or accompany the eruption, and unfortunately, sometimes persist long after healing. These pains take the form of intense itching, burning sensation. Thus, is shingles easily identifiable! Fortunately, it rarely occurs more than once in the same individual.

Evolution: more harm than fear…
With the exception of the zonas occurring in the very elderly, those involving the ocular nerve (ophthalmic shingles) or those who are spreading in a person whose immunosuppression is major (cancer, AIDS), the evolution of shingles is usually benign. Healing is usually achieved in two to six weeks. Only patience and good treatment will come out of this debilitating condition.

As shingles can reach all parts of the body (arms, torso, back, face), the severity depends on the location of the nervous ride that he decided to follow. When he touches the eye, it can cause damage to the cornea whose consequences are in addition to the eye pain, blindness. Sometimes, the pain persist very long (postherpetic neuralgia). Similarly, the importance of immune deficiency in the appearance of shingles, of any importance whatsoever, told to some doctors that an HIV test is necessary, especially if it occurs in a young person without any apparent reasons.

A sufficient therapeutic arsenal
If you are the victim of this virus, the first part of the treatment that your doctor will propose consists of a skin disinfection using disinfectant type chlorhexidine. Then, depending on the circumstances, his order may provide antiviral treatment, all the more effective it will be prescribed as soon as signs and at high doses.Finally, your doctor may suggest drugs suppressing pain asaspirin, which is sometimes enough.

It is pointless to play the strong heads. You will need to follow his instructions to the letter to avoid complications, whether infectious or painful.

When the local application of product, avoid rubbing the skin. Dry without friction. Apart from the periods of dressings, wear lightweight, non tight clothes and absorbent (cotton). Store clothes in wool, nylon or synthetic fiber, until the skin has not resumed its normal appearance.