Workout for your abs at home

People often think that to effectively train your abs you should have to go to the gym. It is true, the best equipped gyms flaunt ultra ultra technologic machinery to train your abs. Machines for the rotation of the torso or legs to the torso. Machines for the crunch …machines often do not compare favorably with a simple mat on the floor.

And since the mat can also spread it on the floor of the house … why not take advantage and train your abs at home regularly, if you do not have time, desire or money to enroll in a gym?


In this short article will explain the most basic exercise for the abdominal exercise you can do in the bedroom. Here’s how.

Starting position:
• Lie on a foam mat, hands clasped behind his head, elbows pointing outwards, back against the floor
• Saddle angle (see image at left), knees bent to 90 degrees, feet hanging in the air facing forward

• Concentrate on the contraction of abdominal muscles, and slowly pull back from the floor
• At the same time, very slowly, bring your knees toward your head. Basically you have to think ideally the knees and touch your forehead. Will not succeed, but this way your abs will be trained as fully as possible.
• Arrived at maximum contraction hold for a second, and then slowly return to starting position but this time not fit completely back, thus keeping some tension in the abdominal area.
• Did you perform a repeat

Variations on a theme
• When you have adequately reinforced the abdominal area, also be able to make changes that will allow you to concentrate on certain parts of the abdominal area
• For example, you can slowly turn your upper body while making the climb phase, thus stimulating the oblique muscles
• Or can bend the trunk laterally, not going very then, but moving to the side, thus practicing the side of the abdominal area.

How many series, how many reps, how many workouts a week?
• Just three sets of 20 repetitions each, but well executed, for three workouts (or four if you prefer) a week. As you see, it does not take much to tone your abs. It is clear that a diet will help you dispose of the excess fat and make them more ‘visible’. But that’s another story …