Why men don’t listen to half?

It might be a scientific justification for the scant attention which men are capable. Researchers at Indiana University (United States) found the explanation to this ancestral problem: men seek only half of their brains when they listen while women use the two cerebral hemispheres.This is a study that could well feed conversations and revive a war of the sexes.

Rather than a lobe or an ear…
Equipped with headphones, twenty men and twenty women took attention to the reading of a passage from a novel by John Grisham. During this period, and under the eye a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner happening their brains examined, the majority of the men showed brain activity of one temporal lobe of the left hemisphere, generally associated with the functions of listening and language. Conversely, the brain of the majority of the women testified to an activity in the temporal lobe of the two hemispheres, both the left than the right, commonly used for musical activities and the situation in the area.

Why men don't listen to half

The areas of brain activity in red highlight that men use a lobe to listen to two women.
The study presented at the annual meeting of the society of Radiology in North America in Chicago does not, however, if men have a capacity of less than women listen. “Our research suggests that the way to listen differs between the sexes, but this does not necessarily imply that the capacity and performance go hand in hand,” says Professor Joseph Lurito, responsible for the study.

Towards a new war of the sexes?
This discovery to map specifically devoted to the language areas of the brain. Stressing features linked to sex, their work will help surgeons to preserve these areas during operation. “Thus, scientists who are working to improve the methods of medical imaging, such as pet scansand MRI scanners, should be aware of the specificities of each sex”, said Dr. Phillips, co-author of the study.

Would there then what power a new war of the sexes? Some will say that women seek all of their brain to listen to conversations or for other activities, as has been shown in other studies such as reading or verbal tasks. Others will find a scientific response to the Faculty of the women to follow several conversations at once, or according to some experts, to learn to read and speak faster than men.

In the brains of men, which would include well defined areas, the brains of women appear more bilateralise, the two lobes working in concert for many tasks. These findings could also help understand how men and women can recover differently from a brain tumor or a stroke, women with more ease to more quickly recover their ability to listen.