Can be done of the sport when the voltage?

When you have high blood pressure, sports is particularly recommended. Regular, moderate physical activity is part of the treatment. This Council of exercise could even be entered on the order in the same way as drugs!

If you exercise regularly, your blood pressure will drop by approximately “1 point”, so the figure higher than for the lower number. For example, a 16-10 voltage can drop up to 15-9.

High blood pressure

Exercising regularly is, in fact, good for the body, it’s a workout: get your heart to better contract used. If you are short of breath for some effort, after a few months of regular exercise you will longer.

For what benefit?
Because your heart, better trained, more slowly will beat that before (your pulse is slower) for a same effort. In addition, your trained muscles tire less quickly. You feel no more shape, less tired in the life of every day, and the effort then will look you less painful. It is also known that the training helps the coronary arteries that nourish your heart, better to expand. Better fed, your heart works therefore best.

In addition to these benefits for your heart and your blood pressure, exercise has other positive consequences: your level of bad cholesterol (in medical jargon the LDL-cholesterol) will tend to decrease.

You have everything to gain to physical exercise, whether or not you have the voltage! However, if you do not have the habit of making the sport, must check the capacity of your heart to the effort to prevent the accident. After 40 years, or if you have heart problems, it is desirable to go to the cardiologist to pass a medical examination of fitness. It includes an electrocardiogram and a stress test. It evaluates the capacity of your heart to adapt to the effort. If you have never done sports, better is to start very gradually. Leave aside the spirit of competition, it is more harmful than helpful. No objective mistake: it’s playing sports for his pleasure and his health, and not to win.

Which activity to choose?
All endurance event are shown, they are those that lower the voltage: walking, cycling, cross-country skiing, the running, swimming and soft gymnastics to maintain your flexibility. To visibly lower your blood pressure, we recommend to do this exercise 3 times a week (even more if you want) for at least 30 minutes, not necessarily 30 minutes at a time, at your own pace.

Should not have breathless: should always be able to speak (5–6 words) during exercise. If the breath missing, beware: it must stop because you have reached a level of effort that can be dangerous. Don’t forget to warm up, you dress properly, enough to eat and drink plenty before and after exercise.