What tests for what diagnosis?

Stroke is a medical emergency. Quickly, the doctor must be able to determine whether it is an interruption of blood flow or bleeding and if the affected brain tissue is recoverable or permanently destroyed. Other tests are needed to determine the cause of the stroke.

The nature, severity of symptoms, the patient’s history, its risk factors, age are the first elements of diagnosis. The doctor should also quickly determine:

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If this is ischemic (obstruction of a blood vessel by a clot, which reduces the blood flow in a brain area); Hemorrhagic accident (also known as cerebral haemorrhage or cerebral hematoma) following the rupture of a cerebral vessel. In this case, the blood spreads and damages the brain tissue around;
-The location of the hematoma;
-Its importance.
-These elements will allow for the adequate treatment.

The CT or MRI to confirm the diagnosis?
Without pain, the scanner allows to refine the diagnosis. Cerebral hemorrhage results in a dense white area easily visible. Localization of ischemic is less obvious, it results in a dark grey or black area. In addition, for transient ischemic (without sequelae) the scanner makes sense. Also note that some areas of the brain are hard to see in the scanner.

Also painless, (MRI) magnetic resonance imaging to scan remotely for the bodies of more accurately than the scanner. Schematically, this technique uses a large magnet and analyzes the response of the various tissues of the body to magnetic fields. The data collected are then processed electronically and the study area may be rendered in two or three dimensions. IRM allows thus to pinpoint the poorly irrigated area. On the other hand, can proceed to the injection of a contrast product that will highlight the quality of the blood circulation in the brain.

By superimposing this image to that of the MRI, you can sometimes locate a darker area corresponding to the “recoverable” brain tissue. The rapid dissolution of the clot could allow to return the intake of oxygen and badly fabric essentials.