Mantras inspiring weight loss

A mantra is a phrase that a person is repeated aloud or silently to herself with the aim of helping to achieve something. In other words, a mantra is a positive way to verbalize what you want. For weight loss, an inspirational mantra can help you stay on track and focus on the positive instead of thinking negative.

Positive examples
Always express your mantras at the present time. So, instead of saying “I’ll be able to fit into size 6 clothes in a few months,” say “I look good in my size 6 clothes.” You can use very specific mantras, as the previous example, or you can say something more general, like “All my clothes fit perfectly on my thin body beautiful”. You can even be more general saying: “I do not just look good and feel good, I am also healthy and fit, with a lot of energy.”

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Overcoming Negativity
According to cognitive psychology, we create the problems we experience in life because we believe things that are not true. For example, you might think you do not have the willpower to succeed on a diet. However, you can counteract this cognitive challenge by stating “I’ve been able to keep my diet for 21 days, and I can keep doing it.” You could also believe that you can not stand being hungry. You could overcome this thought by saying: “My hunger is only temporary, and I can eat something healthy like fruit or raw vegetables to feel better.” Another common problem of dieters is the idea that they can not stick with a diet for a long period of time. To combat this thought, you just tell yourself that you just have to eat this way today. Use this same statement every day, and be able to stick with your diet for the rest of your life.

Ease anxiety
If people only eat when hungry, most would have no problem with their weight. However, people often eat because you are bored or stressed, and therefore without gaining weight. The mantras are very effective in helping to calm and face the real problem instead of eating for comfort. When you feel bored, try to tell yourself “I’m bored, but I’m not going to eat. Instead’m _________”. You can fill in the blank with whatever you want: call a friend, read a book, go for a walk, etc. Do something you enjoy to relieve your boredom than eat. If you feel insecure, dicete yourself: “I am safe and secure, and I do not need to eat to feel better.” Maybe you’re upset with a coworker. Instead of eating to numb your feelings (which will not solve the problem anyway), try talking to the person and settle their differences.


Other effective mantras
Besides those already mentioned, you can try the following very simple but effective mantras to help you in your search for weight loss. One of them is to simply say “I can and will lose weight.” Another is “I will continue with my diet.” Another effective is “fattening food does not taste as good as being thin”. You can also try “I have total control of my life and I choose to make healthy food choices,” and “I can achieve my weight loss goals one day at a time”. Rather than talk positive about yourself, a mantra can really change your thinking and your belief system. Once these are changed, your life can also be transformed. It can not only be thinner, you can also have a positive image of yourself you’ve wanted all your life.