Weight loss programs that are covered by insurance

Many insurance companies offer incentives for the customer to take a healthy life. These incentives offer discounts on insurance to customers that improve or maintain healthy lifestyles. Several weight loss programs are covered by them, offering discounts of insurance premium and paying a percentage of the registration fee or services offered by the weight loss programs.

Weight loss programs

Jenny Craig
Jenny Craig customize individual programs for clients, focusing on diet, nutrition and exercise to make permanent changes in lifestyle. The objective of the program is that you create a healthy relationship with food so that you achieve that weight loss permanent. The level of activity gradually increases as you lose weight. Each client works with a Jenny Craig consultant to create a maintenance program after weight loss . Regence Life and Health Insurance Co. covers 50 percent of the cost of the weight loss program Jenny Craig. GHI Health Insurance Co. offers discounts on weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig, as part of the company’s incentives to encourage the client to lead a healthy life.



Weight Watchers 
The Unity Health insurer reimburses clients who are members of the weight loss plan called Weight Watchers ®. According to the website of this company, customers get a discount of 50 percent with a membership of six months and a one-time payment of $ 130 for attending the meetings of Weight Watchers ®. To get the refund, customers must attend at least 10 meetings in six months. Both new and permanent members can receive this refund. Customers get a refund of $ 50 each year after the first six months in the first Unity Wellness program.

Medicare and other insurance companies cover part of the weight loss program Optifast ®. This medically supervised program is a liquid diet and supplemental program to treat obesity. Medicare and insurance companies cover the cost of counseling sessions, and other laboratory tests Optifast ®. Optifast ® clinics can provide payment plans to make up the difference in the covered part of the treatment.

Call the insurance company
The weight loss programs covered by insurance are part of the companies that provide incentives to encourage good health of people. Call your insurance to get more information on weight loss programs that are covered because there are different repayment arrangements that each company can offer. Each company has a policy to pay for weight loss programs.