Have the voltage to the retirement

Until very recently, it was considered as normal as tension increases with age and to have, for example, voltage at 70 17 and 18 to 80 years.

The normal voltage of a subject is more than 14 to the figure the highest and 9 for the figure bottom. It tends to rise with age, but it is now accepted that should not let it exceed certain values, even in the elderly.

voltage to the retirement

A problem often underestimated
After 60 years, there are 4 out of 10 people have too much power, and that a third of them do not treat. Excess voltage at this age is generally somewhat unusual: it is more often a systolic hypertension. In measuring the voltage, only the digit above, relating to the systolic pressure, is too high (the lowest number indicates Meanwhile diastolic pressure). The voltage after 60 years can be very variable: sometimes too high, sometimes low, especially after eating. When she becomes really too low, you can feel a discomfort, or even lose consciousness.

Why treat its voltage?
To live longer in good health! The treatment of tension is very beneficial after 60 years: it allows to decrease the risk of stroke, the risk of heart failure (with high blood pressure, the heart is tired and is less effective) and the risk of coronary problems (coronary artery are arteries that nourish the heart). Finally it seems to see recently, but it requires to be confirmed, the treatment of the voltage also decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Some prevention tips
After 60 years the experts recommend to deal with tension when it is above 16. In addition to the drugs, the following tips are always helpful to reduce tension and sometimes dispense with drug. To exercise regularly, i.e. three times a week (for example 30 minutes walk) are excellent for the heart, voltage and general health. Losing a few pounds is also lower the voltage, and try to consume less salt and avoid for example resaler systematically. In addition, it is best not to smoke, limit his consumption of alcohol (not more than 3 glasses of alcoholic beverages, including wine, per day) and avoid having too much cholesterol, by following simple dietary tips.

Attention: after 60 years, it tends to be more sensitive to the drugs, also is it essential to consult your doctor before starting any treatment and to avoid any self-medication.