Security Concerns for visiting nurses

The visiting nurses are based in the community and often go to homes of patients to provide nursing services. The care home health are a convenience for patients who are not mobile, but visiting nurses should exercise caution when it comes to providing such assistance. By understanding some safety concerns, visiting nurses can protect themselves and avoid dangerous situations.

Visiting nurse

Neighborhoods with high crime rates
Some patients may live in neighborhoods that are not as safe as others and visiting nurses must go to them. During this trip, the visiting nurse must be aware of the security risks in high-crime neighborhoods, such as walking from the car to the patient’s home in the dark or driving on streets with gang presence. Violence and crime are dangerous for the visiting nurses, especially when it gets dark outside.


Unpredictable behavior of the patient
When visiting nurses provide home services to patients, a doctor is not around to help if a patient is out of control. The patient’s behavior can be unpredictable, especially if visiting nurses attend to patients with psychiatric problems, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If a patient comes to be agitated or violent, the nurse must exercise caution to stay safe, even if it means leaving the house. For this reason, a nurse can travel with a companion to visit patients exhibiting unstable behavior.

Scene patient’s home
The atmosphere in the patient’s home may not be safe for a visiting nurse. When asked nurses to visit a patient at home, they are not warned with information on whether the patient has an aggressive dog or one of the bedrooms being used as a meth lab. Nurses reach the patient’s home environment should be evaluated for security. Whenever drug paraphernalia observed the nurse should reschedule the visit and leave immediately. If a nurse feels that the environment is unsafe due to animals or other people at home with the patient, the nurse must also leave immediately and report the results.

Personal Safety
A visiting nurses are encouraged to practice personal safety, taking steps to reduce the amount of information that patients know about them. For example, the name tag carries the nurse should only disclose your name, not the name. Nurses must not expose their names to patients who are not comfortable. In addition, visiting nurses should not wear flashy jewelry or accessories in home visits and should have care about using an expensive cell phone in front of a patient.