Proper use of the drug

Whatever the means, the important point is not to forget to take the treatment that you ordered your doctor. Here are a few tips to help you.

If one of us has ever wondered if he had taken the drug, he throws the hand. Certainly lying. Either, it has a few tips. Everyone can find his own stuff. Here are some that offer physicians and pharmacists that we interviewed.

use of the drug

Small stuff

For drugs to be while you are not sick, those that can remember a time without putting his life in danger, as the birth control pill, a treatment against cholesterol, etc., the easiest is to “somewhere in the House which is compulsory every day, even if it is not quite at the same time”. This place can be bath room, next to his toothbrush, the sugar bowl where the small demeanor… secretes Attention however, if you have children, never leave medicine within their reach.

However, the treatments prescribed in serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart failure or respirator… and anticoagulants, should be taken with great vigilance. Not question to jump a comprise… or to take two instead of one.

It is known that over there is medication to take each day, more there are omissions. Physicians tend therefore to propose, as soon as possible, “single products”. Do not hesitate to question them on the subject.

A question of pace

But, in any event, it was a solution to not forget. One of the best is “pace when taken”. They will for example be always before, during or after the meal. Even though the food may reduce absorption of the drug. Better a little than nothing at all. Another possibility, hang in your kitchen a great calendar on which you tick a cross of a different colour each drug as soon as you have made it (this will avoid to take it twice!). You can also obtain a dispenser in your pharmacist, in which you go to distribute all the medications that you take on a daily basis throughout the week.

The high-tech of compliance

An electronic Tablet jars are beginning to see the day. Operation is simple: plug saves the day, the date and time to each opening box. It is therefore easy to check what you have made or not. Some of these Tablet jars allow note taking four drugs a day for a week, or twenty-eight catches.

And, for the hippest, SMS (Short Message Services) sent by mobile phone appear to be promised a future of reminder. In a study reported by the “British Medical Journal”, a medical journal of the most serious, a group of Scottish doctors reported having developed a service to young asthmatics. “At the same time as the sports information or” people”, subscribers receive a message reminding them to use their inhaler”. And obviously, it works!