Spend to treat my pressure

The practice of physical activity is beneficial to combat hypertension… provided they comply with certain precautions. Discover them with the French Committee against high blood pressure (CFLHTA).

Is the sport harmful for hypertensive patients? Can I start a sport despite my age? A bit of sport one twice a week, is it enough?… From a Sofres survey and a multidisciplinary work between experts, the French Committee against high blood pressure (CFLHTA) wanted to answer the many questions posed to patients on the practice of physical activity.

Spend to treat my pressure

More sports than the other hypertensive
Carried out in 2002, investigated by the Sofres to 2,500 people allowed to analyze the reports that hypertensive patients have with sports.

9% of hypertensive patients and 14% of non-hypertensive French practise regular sport activity;
52% of hypertensive patients and 42% of non-hypertensive French practiced any sport, even occasional activity, since the age of 20;

The four main physical activities of the French are: gymnastics, physical fitness or dance (33%), cycling or jogging (25%), swimming (18%), hiking or golf (17%).

The three main reasons pushing the French to stop a sport are: lack of time, family reasons and the lack of friends to the practice;

The French would resume or commence a sporting activity to be shaped, pleasure or desire to fight against the aging, prevent or treat a health problem, on the advice of a doctor to relieve stress.

Thus, hypertension as the French are not addicted to physical activities. Yet, the CFLHTA emphasized that “the regular practice of physical activity, even mild, was beneficial to all, even to the hypertensive”.

Are your physical expenses sufficient?
To find out if your physical activity is sufficient, the CFLHTA made a small simple test we offer. To do this test, click here.

In junior high, the resumption of a physical or sporting activity are measures that delay the onset of treatment. When hypertension is treated with drugs, increase physical activity and regularly practice a sport brings an additional benefit of cardiovascular protection. In addition, the sport is on other factors of cardiovascular risk (cholesterol, diabetes, overweight).

But how to choose your physical activity to make it beneficial for your hypertension? It must be practiced regularly and allow to “spend” at least 2,000 Kcalories per week.

Objective: 2,000 Kcalories burned per week!
If the activity is grouped in a single session per week, the benefit is modest and the “Sunday sport” will tend to do too much… Better allocate its effort throughout the week by changing the frequency and duration of sessions, as well as the nature of the sport. To achieve the objective of 2,000 Kcalories spent a week, adapt the duration to the intensity of the effort:
Or 60 minutes of light activity (stretching, gardening…)

30 To 45 minutes of moderate activity (brisk walking, swimming,…);Or 20 to 30 minutes of strenuous activity (jogging, exercise…).

Attention however, in the event of resumption of physical activity, be sure to observe a gradual increase over several weeks. Thus, it is best to start with light, medium intensity activities prior to strenuous activity. To start walking as soon as you can, not to stay too long still prefer stair lift, vary physical activities during the day, etc.