Fight the “toast attitude”!

In recent decades, consumption of Sun has widely increased. Facing these excess ultraviolet radiation, melanoma has progressed. To combat this dreadful skin cancer, a national campaign invites you to do Grill more you “”!

Increase in vacation, travel under brighter regions, practices of outdoor sports…If one adds to these lifestyle changes, the cult of the tanned skin, we understand the resistance towards the adoption of methods of protection from ultraviolet radiation. Attention, the Sun can be dangerous!

toast attitude

Sun: instructions for use
Cases of melanoma (the most dangerous skin cancer) are more common. There are now more than 7,000 new cases per year: it is three times more than 20 years ago. In France, the number of new annual cases has tripled in 20 years, rising from 2 300 in 1980 to 7 200 in 2000. At the same time, mortality due to cancer has doubled during the same period, in men and women. If the average age of this cancer is over 55 years of age, it can affect people of all ages and is rooted in excessive exposure on lifetime. The most affected areas are those where the populations are little accustomed to sun exposure: Brittany, Pays-de-Loire, lower Normandy and Alsace. To combat melanoma, the national Cancer Institute has decided to fight the “Toast attitude”!

Fight the attitude toast!
Through the expression “toast attitude”, the national cancer Institute thus refers to excessive tanning, which is to be “toast” to the Sun as a toast. Picking up the image of the toast to symbolize risk behaviours, the campaign staged a toast burned in different situations to caricature the bad habits that still have the French facing the Sun. To “end the toast attitude”, the campaign refers to good habits to respect symbolized by the ‘Sun operating instructions’. Five pictograms are intended to illustrate the recommendations that are now consensus among experts, namely:

Avoid exposure to the Sun between 12 h to 16 h in metropolitan France in the summer, when the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the Sun are more intense and more dangerous. When the Sun is high in the sky and our shadow is shorter than us, it means that you have to put away. ;

Search for more possible shade: all outdoor activities, should have the reflex to look for shady areas. At the beach, the beach umbrella is useful but should not forget that it does not fully protect from the rays of the Sun, because of their reverberation on the sand.

Cover with clothing, a hat and sunglasses as the best protection against the Sun is dress. It is important to:
-most often keep light clothing possible limiting the parts (including a t-shirt), because they are the ones that best filter UV rays. Attention however: once wet clothing loses its protective effect.
-put a hat edges wide enough to protect the eyes, face and neck.
-wear sunglasses with anti-UV filter (standard this category 3 or 4) and well wrap-around frames.
Use Sun cream high protection and often renew its application: sunscreen should be seen as a complement to other precautions to protect the areas of the body, because even high-performance, it does not filter all UV.

Protect especially children and adolescents, who are the most vulnerable. Until puberty, their skin is not armed to defend against UV rays. That’s why sunburn and exhibits repeated before the age of 15 years are a major cause of the development of melanoma in adulthood. It is therefore essential to limit their exposure to the Sun and to extend special protection boards: Beach and for any outdoor activity, they must always wear at least a t-shirt, a hat and sunglasses, and put sunscreen to index 30 minimum on which exceeds. As for babies of less than a year, they should not be exposed at all, because their skin and their eyes are still extremely fragile.