A large part of the French population suffered, suffers or will suffer evil of dos and then more in younger! A bad position at work, an ill-timed effort as a peak of stress are causes of back pain. Even benign, they are sufficiently haunting and painful to harm us. Learn now to get rid of them.

Back to the daily health goes hand in hand with a few life hygiene rules to impose on our spine. Know the mechanics of the back to know how the household, monitor his weight, regularly practicing physical exercises and combat stress through relaxation will help tame it. Tour of the back with Dr. Jenny Sutcliffe, medical doctor and physiotherapist. 33 vertebrae stacked, 244 muscles, a sacred structure.

tight and painful

The spine is the central part of the skeleton. It supports the head, acts as an anchor to the muscles and alongside, allows the station stand, absorbs shock and protects the spinal cord which provides nerve transmission between the brain and the rest of the body.

It consists of 33 vertebrae, stacked one above the other and separated by intervertebral discs, bearings cartilaginous damping. The column is not straight. She accuses made bends to offset the constraints created by the position standing who play the role of springs to support the gravity and shock waves. 244 muscles, distributed symmetrically and part of the column, ensure the stability of the trunk and control the posture of the body.

Leave your back, watch your weight!
Overweight has adverse effects on the back, including the burden placed on the joints of the hips and lumbar region. That require more effort, it accelerates their wear, generating early onset of osteoarthritis and making the vulnerable back (tours of kidneys and disc problems). Among men, the weight being located on the belly, released the abdominal belt muscles less support column. Busty women tend to lean forward in correcting posture back pain may diminish.

Immediately adopt these correct postures!
Choose to start proper posture is the best guarantor of the status of the back. Stand correctly is to ensure that the pressure exerted on the column is fairly distributed between the joints. The muscles relaxed, it must be slightly curved, straight, nor too arched.

Position n ° 1
Standing, hold you head straight, vertical and elongated neck, shoulders horizontally and casual, belly and buttocks returned to support the column, the slightly tilted pelvis back, flexible knees and toes well flat. Distribute the weight of your body on your feet well.

Position n ° 2
Sitting on a regular Chair, place you at the bottom, the weight distributed on the buttocks and thighs parallel to the ground whole and forming a right angle with the calves. If necessary, support the back straight with a small pillow. The shoulders are low, rejected back and relaxed. Do not tilt the head forward. To keep your back straight, tighten the belly.

Position n ° 3
Ideal for the frail from lumbar and pelvis is the use of a seat tilted 5 ° downwards so as to deport the weight of the body from the hips to the thighs and knees to the ground. Found these ergonomic stools “sitting-to-knees” to shop from the back (by VPC at the: 04 42 80 43 28) and Mr Bricolage (approximately €100 uros).

At the Office, work preferably on an inclined plane, type drawing board. Often change position.Do not “jam” the phone between ear and shoulder, this fatigue the muscles of the neck. Offset the static position by stretching in the morning and go home walking.

Your back needs to exercise, relearn him to move.
Practice regular and gentle physical exercise contributes to the well-being of the back.
It is necessary to begin by releasing muscle tension to reduce contractures. Then, move and relax, i.e. to perform an exercise to recover optimal mobility (swimming, cycling). Once the mobility is found, it is good is muscle and try to keep a good muscle balance.

Position n ° 4
Relax your back by tilting your upper body forward, “letting you go” completely. Standing, tilt your bust forward releasing totally for 10 seconds while breathing out slowly through the mouth. Stand down each vertebra while inhaling through your nose. Practice 3 times on this position.
Before resuming the sport, take the advice of your physician
You have not done exercises for a long time then before you get back, make a visit to your doctor. And if taking you feel pain, report him. Do not start on the hats of wheels, take your time, listen to your body. Stretch it, move, and above all, forget the notion of performance. Simply enjoy the pleasure of you in tip-top shape. Progress by level, you’ll save time.

Stretching, a good warm-up exercise
Never make a cold exercise. It is valid for a golf swing, a backhand in tennis, a kick in the ball, a downhill ski or a game of pool! It is no coincidence if professional athletes train daily and operate flexibilities, stretching and warm-up before any competition. Remember, the exercise of suspension to ease muscle and joint momentary way tensions.

Position n ° 5
Stretch your arms up to the top for 10 seconds while breathing out slowly through the mouth. Then completely release the arm down by inhaling through the nose for 8 seconds. Rest your heels on the ground releasing you.
Hang a bar attached to the amounts of a door to release the intervertebral discs as well as the static and posture muscles.

To forget your back, relax!
The suffering of the back creates a painful muscular contraction that can relieve by adopting some techniques:
First relax you while lying. Take 5-10 minutes with a deep breath, it releases tensions. You can ask your spouse you massaging gently.
Otherwise, install a massage device between your back and the backrest of a Chair and enjoy 15 minutes of massage by vibration, tapping or combined.

Offer a good bed to your spine
A good bed must be firm, all by marrying the contour of the hips and shoulders, thereby supporting the column without deform. Try a moment in the store. If your spouse shows a large difference in weight with you, take two mattresses. Similarly, the pillow must adapt to sleep and the maintenance of the head. Whatever the position lying, the cervical spine must remain in the axis of the spine so that the muscles relax.

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A large part of the French population suffered, suffers or will suffer evil of dos and then more in younger! A bad position at work, an ill-timed effort as a peak of stress are causes of back pain. Even benign, they are sufficiently haunting and painful to harm us....