The lines of cleavage, what to do?

Many women are faced with, sooner or later, with the appearance of wrinkles on the decollete. These wrinkles can become very deep and rather unsightly. Because right there, and why so obvious? We interviewed Dr. Joseph Parodi, Dermatologist in Genoa, and we asked some questions about wrinkles, like trying to prevent them, how to intervene when they appeared. Here’s what he said.

What are the causes? There is thought to be excessive sun exposure. Some women argue instead that the wrinkles are deeper cleavage after a night’s sleep and try the case also in a position where they sleep …

The lines of cleavage

The cause is certainly to find in the progressive degradation of the dermis with the formation of collagen denaturation, the damage occurs mainly in people who have been exposed to the sun without sunscreen.

All of this fact contributes to a greater laxity in this area is very sensitive to the processes of degradation of collagen.

There are types of skin are more prone to the onset of these wrinkles?

Surely prototypes clear but dark skin types are not spared, especially if you do not respect the rules of prevention calendar.

What you can do to prevent its occurrence?

In addition to photo protection, may be useful to begin at a young age with the application of cream containing vitamin C and antioxidants, applied on a regular and continuing every night. Even the injection, as a preventive measure, revitalizing substances based on vitamins and hyaluronic acid, can certainly be very useful.

What you can do to ‘cure’, eliminate or minimize them maybe? What cream to use? They are good treatments that we apply the same face (anti-aging creams, scrubs, retinol maybe?). Or are there other solutions?

To attenuate recommend the use of lasers in different runs alternating fractionated ablative fractional laser and non-ablative fractional laser, the first result in a very even, gentle exfoliation, the second cause of columns micronecrosi in the dermis, by stimulating the regeneration of the skin and the production new collagen. Both fractionated treatments are compatible with the social life and are not painful. I think the creams are useful as a preventive measure, when the wrinkles are formed is necessary to intervene in a more energetic, however, combining the treatments the dermatologist with the application of creams at home.