The fleshy skin, enlarged pores

The fleshy skin is a rather frequent occurrence both in women than in men and is formed by the dilation of the follicular openings that determines a particular aspect of the skin of the face, which appears as a mesh point or mesh characterized by polygonal depressions. This unsightly spent is not accompanied by other inflammatory diseases such as acne and seborrheic dermatitis and is not even easy to disguise as makeup, often tends to accentuate the defect rather than to minimize it.

The treatments that have been proposed for this type of problem are almost always based on an approach exfoliative-ablative more or less deep: removing the layers of skin to make it less visible the problem: then by retinoic acid, the peeling chemicals, microdermabrasion, up to the most modern ablative lasers, erbium or co2.

The fleshy skin

All these systems, also in the split, have the drawback of requiring a rather long downtime (7-10 days) with subsequent abstention from social life. Given the lack of risolutività method (the tendency to relapse after 6-12 months), these treatments are unlikely to be proposed.

A recent article on “Dermatologic Surgery” one of the most influential scientific journals dermatological proposes a new method with success rates of between 51% and 75%. Question of the method of the laser fractionated non-ablative 1550, able to create the columns of micro necrosis up to the reticular dermis deep. It is believed that the improvement produced by this type of laser is due to the rearrangement of collagen perifollicular with consequent narrowing of the pore.

Unlike previous treatments this laser, not being ablative, produces only a modest erythema and edema of the duration of a few days correctable, however, with the make-up. The fractional laser 1550, proposes the “gold standard” to treat “enlarged pores”. In nopstra personal experience, the results are even better when combined with erbium laser frazioanti abaltivi type (pixels).