Towards the end of the glasses?

Nearsighted, farsighted, high-risk… you soon store your sunglasses in the closet. Indeed, laser, robotics and Informatics truly revolutionized the ophthalmologic surgery. Can to much to correct all defects of vision?

With universal lasers, ophthalmic surgery is now capable of true prowess. Simplified and perfectly controlled, it helps correct many vision disorders and could even increase Visual acuity.

Towards the end of the glasses

The prowess of the laser
Attention, everyone cannot benefit from these new technologies. They are today directed to patients with Visual anomalies qualified low to average. The failure of vision must not be scalable, the vision must be stabilized (in particular for myopia). Finally, to the rank of contraindications, we note certain eye diseases: glaucoma, ocular lesions due to the UV or ocular herpes. The operation is also discouraged for pregnant women.

A few minutes under local anesthesia are sufficient to correct the anomalies of the eyeball from myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia. The Visual recovery is quasi-immediate and healing takes one to two weeks.

The cost of these operations ranges from 1 500 to 3 €000 uros. And hundreds of thousands of acts of this type are carried out each year in Europe. Its efficiency is such that some wealthy individuals now plan to use to improve their view beyond the normal…

Two main techniques: Lasik and the PKR
Two main techniques are the Lasik Surgery and refractive photokeratectomie (PKR). These two techniques are designed to correct the curvature of the cornea or regulate its surface. The aim is to improve the focus of the images on the retina.

Lasik does not lead to post-operative pain. The delay between the operation of each eye is thus shortened and may be less a week;

The PKR is at the origin of post-operative pain that may last 48 to 72 hours. The Visual recovery is not immediate and varies from 1 to 6 months. The time of operation between each eye is approximately one month.

Latest, the technique of laser femtosecond or intralaser is the first operation 100% laser for cutting of a lamella of cornea until its amendment.

Simultaneous bilateral operations are carried out across the Atlantic but in France, we preferred to retain a safety lead time. Opportunities more broad therapeutic and surgical suites very light while benefiting from many years of use, lasik has the favour of specialists.