No mercy for colorectal cancer. This is the third most common cancer and is often fatal. The only weapon we have right now is early detection. This is based on the Hem occult II, which is being extended as part of an organized screening.
1.Colorectal cancer screening: Hem occult II
2.When the test is positive: colonoscopy to look for colorectal cancer
3.Soon a new immunoassay to screen for colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer screening: Hem occult II

This test is ordered by a physician (within the screening program or not). It occurs quietly at home. Its cost and playback are supported 100% by health insurance as part of organized screening. It is to investigate the presence of bleeding in the stool, which may reflect a colorectal cancer.


The Hemoccult II consists of a guaiac test paper onto which is applied a small piece of freshly emitted saddle. It is then a medical analysis laboratory that will take the reading test by adding a solution alcoholic hydrogen peroxide. If the reaction does not give a blue color, is that the test is negative. And this is what happens in 97 to 98% of cases. A negative Hem occult test means that no bleeding was detected. However, since a cancerous lesion does not cause bleeding all the time, it is imperative to repeat this test regularly, every two years.

When the test is positive: colonoscopy to look for colorectal cancer

Within 2 to 3% of the remaining cases, the Hem occult test is positive. It is then necessary to perform a colonoscopy to identify the source of bleeding detected by the test. Thanks to the sensitivity of Hemoccult II, many unnecessary colonoscopies are avoided in cases of suspected colorectal cancer … In most cases, no abnormality is detected. In about 30% of cases, we discover a polyp that can be removed before it becomes cancerous. However, in 1% of cases, colorectal cancer is detected. According to its stage, the healing will be more or less easy.