Teeth Health

One of the most widespread tooth diseases that even one-year-old kids suffer from is caries. How to find the weapon against it? Toothpastes and brushes will be rather helpful.

Children’s enamel is especially sensitive and needs special care. Many parents do not realize the seriousness of the problem with caries damaged milk teeth. All the dentists agree that it is necessary to preserve the milk teeth health rather carefully as far as lots of pathogenic microorganisms can easily penetrate into the rudiments of the future teeth with the destroying influence.teeth-health

Where do these bacteria come from? Bad news for the sweet eaters: sacchariferous products are the main nutrient medium for the bacteria to live on. When sweet food comes into the contact with the saliva, the process of special acid formation takes place and leads to enamel destruction.

Just imagine that our teeth are a very comfortable place to live for more than 500 species of microorganisms and among them 20 take part in acid development.

According to the scientists, most fatal of this 20 bacteria is Streptococcus. In October, 2002 the American researchers had completely allocated a chromosomal number of this harmful microorganism.

Dentists in Wisconsin warn: «Another type of especially dangerous bacteria is Porhyromonas gingival which leads to periodontitis development. These bacteria create the so-called biotape with a great number of layers leaning on the teeth against each other.»
Now the scientists are trying to define the genes responsible for the connection of bacteria with each other. Besides, the science has to solve one more important problem: to find the answer to the question «How do these bacteria manage to survive in the acid environment?»
Why is it so important to brush your teeth regularly? As it is known, dentists recommend to brush your teeth at least once every 12 hours (or twice a day). One cleaning should proceed not less than 3 minutes. Besides, it is very important to clear the spaces between the teeth with a dental floss, as it is the weakest point where harmful microorganisms accumulate and breed. It is necessary to use fluorinated toothpaste to prevent caries formation.

What is the effect of the toothpaste? It not only removes a tooth touch and gives freshness to your breath, but also forms a superficial protective tape to make your dental enamel steadier against acid influence. Besides, the toothpaste prevents acid development and promotes teeth surface disinfection. To get professional maintenance for all possible dental problems, you may search here http://dentalprofy.com/dentists/delaware.