Exercises for you reconcile with your back

Real frame of our bones, our spine should be serviced every day. As our way of life becomes more and more sedentary, some exercises can save you much inconvenience. Take a few minutes each day to reconcile you permanently to your back.

We present you five exercises that will allow you to relax and maintain the lumbar muscles, thighs and abdominals. A good abdominal belt and muscular thighs are guarantees of the good health of your back. Strengthening and relaxation of the lumbar muscles.

reconcile with your back


Starting position: Lying on his back, arms stretched along the body to the ground, joined flexed legs, feet on the ground.
Exercise: Exhale in departing the buttocks from the floor, contracting the glutes and digging the lower back. Inhale down basin avoiding putting buttocks down. Continue reading “Exercises for you reconcile with your back”