Getting waist easily

One of the best ways to reduce the waist easily is to use the treadmill. This way you not only will strengthen the muscles but also will be increasing your aerobic capacity. According to recent studies, to use it for 45 minutes you will burn 200 to 450 calories. If you do not have a treadmill and do not resort to a gym, you can go jogging somewhere that you like and even get together with friends to do so.

If you first start running and get tired too, you can try the following: walk for two minutes brisk Do three minutes of running, take a minute to recover and repeat. Over time you will see that you will not need rest because your body will get used.

waist easily

Spinning exercises

Another way to get waist is doing different exercises of rotation with which you can burn up to 580 calories per 45 minutes of physical activity.  To do so position yourself standing with legs and keep your arms in front of you as if you took the pose using boxers. Begin turning the torso to the right twice and the third time lift your left knee. Changes direction and legs and repeat this exercise 12 times, ie 6 each side. Continue reading “Getting waist easily”