How to use a mantra

Life can be busy even chaotic at times, and for this reason can seem impossible to find time to meditate. If you can find 15 minutes or more to meditate, find at least part of your day to fill with peace and quiet. Add the use of a mantra can make this part of your day even more beneficial, since the mantra is a very personalized form of meditation.


A traditional Buddhist mantra is “Om mani padme hum”.
Memorize your mantra. You can use as a traditional Buddhist mantra “Om mani padme hum”. You may prefer to sing a mantra that is simply a sound that creates a vibration as “Aum”. You can also use a phrase that is personal and will help, like “I’ll be good for me today. ” As the use of mantras is a form of meditation, it is a personal experience, so you must use the mantra that works best for you.

use a mantra

Your quiet should be anywhere that you find peace and tranquility.
Find a place to wear your mantra. Find a place where you can be still and quiet for 30 minutes , or as much as you can in a given time. Early morning or late at night when others are asleep, it may work better for you. To use your mantra more effectively, you should avoid being disturbed. Continue reading “How to use a mantra”