Panorama of infertility treatments

All this prevents this meeting can be a cause of infertility. Several methods can fight against infertility.

– The first level is based on a treatment, called “ovulation inducer”. This treatment will trigger ovulation in women, so the acolyte to occur more easily. These hormonal treatments will promote ovulation and therefore possible fertilization after sexual intercourse.

Another issue: these treatments will improve the quality of the cervical mucus, out of the cervix. Sperm will rise this mucus as if they were “the great boulevards, when there one Sunday”. It rolls itself, there is no traffic jams. It easier for them.

infertility treatments

Conversely, if the woman takes a pill, the mucus will be completely entangled, preventing the sperm to pass. Without pill, some women have a mucus that will block the sperm, and in this case, hormonal treatment can ensure that the mucus is favorable. If in addition it offers an ovulation inducer, i.e. which will trigger ovulation, this facilitates the passage of sperm, facilitates the “Ponte” of the egg. Result: it facilitates the meeting of the two. Continue reading “Panorama of infertility treatments”

The fleshy skin, enlarged pores

The fleshy skin is a rather frequent occurrence both in women than in men and is formed by the dilation of the follicular openings that determines a particular aspect of the skin of the face, which appears as a mesh point or mesh characterized by polygonal depressions. This unsightly spent is not accompanied by other inflammatory diseases such as acne and seborrheic dermatitis and is not even easy to disguise as makeup, often tends to accentuate the defect rather than to minimize it.

The treatments that have been proposed for this type of problem are almost always based on an approach exfoliative-ablative more or less deep: removing the layers of skin to make it less visible the problem: then by retinoic acid, the peeling chemicals, microdermabrasion, up to the most modern ablative lasers, erbium or co2.

The fleshy skin

All these systems, also in the split, have the drawback of requiring a rather long downtime (7-10 days) with subsequent abstention from social life. Given the lack of risolutivit√† method (the tendency to relapse after 6-12 months), these treatments are unlikely to be proposed. Continue reading “The fleshy skin, enlarged pores”

The lines of cleavage, what to do?

Many women are faced with, sooner or later, with the appearance of wrinkles on the decollete. These wrinkles can become very deep and rather unsightly. Because right there, and why so obvious? We interviewed Dr. Joseph Parodi, Dermatologist in Genoa, and we asked some questions about wrinkles, like trying to prevent them, how to intervene when they appeared. Here’s what he said.

What are the causes? There is thought to be excessive sun exposure. Some women argue instead that the wrinkles are deeper cleavage after a night’s sleep and try the case also in a position where they sleep …

The lines of cleavage

The cause is certainly to find in the progressive degradation of the dermis with the formation of collagen denaturation, the damage occurs mainly in people who have been exposed to the sun without sunscreen. Continue reading “The lines of cleavage, what to do?”