Lung Cancer: for better prevention

If the smoking cessation reduces the risk of lung cancer, we know that former smokers are still most at risk. Researchers have found a way to restore balance. But for those who continue to smoke during treatment, continue to reduce their chances of healing…

Lung Cancer

The best prevention against cancer of the lung is undoubtedly not smoking or to stop. Despite a successful cessation, the damage inflicted by tobacco make the former smoker a person more at risk than non-smokers. This is why researchers explore many avenues to prevent disease. Continue reading “Lung Cancer: for better prevention”

Childhood cancer: support to improve

Each year, about 1,800 children suffer from cancers in France, or 1 child in 600. The treatment and support of these young patients have improved but are still insufficient, according to the associations of families of patients. On the occasion of the world cancer day of the child, which will be held February 15, Doctissimo takes stock of the current situation.

Cancers of young people under 15 years old are rare and represent only 1% of all cancers. They are often ignored and their support is harder that support developed for adults is not necessarily suitable for the youngest.

Childhood cancers

Childhood cancer is rare
Each year, about 1,800 children and adolescents suffer from cancer, although the cure rate has increased these past 30 years, from 25% to 80%. This is the 2nd cause of mortality in the child over the age of 1 year (after accidents), causing 500 deaths per year. Continue reading “Childhood cancer: support to improve”