Healthy food happy life


These diets called intermittent fasts for example Lean gains diet 5: 2 and Eat Stop EAT recommend a series of strategies ranging from fast every other day restricting calorie intake only twice a week, and to stop eating for at least 13 hours between dinner and the dish the next day.

Proponents of these diets say that these diets can improve sleep and control sugar levels in the blood; reduce risk factors for chronic diseases such as cancer heart disease and diabetes and they can even help you enjoy a longer life. The attraction is that unlike the common diets that are followed every day diet plans halftime allow you to eat freely for a few days a week so you do not feel so restricted.


Consider the following options

With this weekly plan consume between 500 and 600 calories in two non consecutive days and take a normal diet the rest of the week. However, they did not give more weight than those who carry a normal diet. Women who continued this diet also showed higher increase in the regulation of blood glucose. Under this plan, there are holidays where you can eat whatever you want, alternating with day diet in which you consume only a maximum of 500 calories. Continue reading “Healthy food happy life”