Keys to increase testosterone in the body

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for the increase in lean mass muscle when exercise is performed. In this article, we give some tips to increase testosterone naturally because we know well that anabolism steroids and synthetic hormones are only one option to get a muscle for the photo. The best if you want to increase testosterone in the body naturally and wear a beautiful body then it is best to follow the tips that are sure going to help.

Balancing proteins

Proteins are those containing the amino aciincrease testosterone in the bodyds that help in muscle building and get high protein diets stimulate the synthesis of anabolic hormone called glucagon, which releases the hormone testosterone. Continue reading “Keys to increase testosterone in the body”

Men who are victims of their hormones

Depression, irritability, outbursts… women tend to put these on the account of fluctuations in hormonal mood swings. Limited to women? Not really. For stress, men may be victims of their hormones. The syndrome of irritable man.

Why stressed men become irritable, cranky or emotional at melt into tears? And well, these mood swings may be linked to the collapse of the male hormone: testosterone.


Soft as a lamb?

Les hormones des hommes Some animals exhibit changes in mood and behaviour related to the seasonal fluctuations of the male hormone. The University of Edinburgh scientists have studied first the conduct of some sheep. In the fall, their level of testosterone explodes during the rut period and falls in winter. Period during which the sheep lose interest in sex. Continue reading “Men who are victims of their hormones”