Effects of HIV and AIDS on women

There are very few symptoms of HIV infection that occur in women but not in men. However, there are some differences in the degree of severity in which these symptoms occur. While men may have more problems with certain aspects of HIV infection, women often experience many of these symptoms more severely. More than 43 percent of people with HIV are women, a percentage that has increased steadily since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s.

Effects of HIV

Acute Infection
Some individuals who have been infected with HIV have no symptoms in the months after infection, while others may experience flu-like symptoms, which are easier to ignore than other diseases. These flu symptoms usually include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and body aches, women who experience these symptoms may experience symptoms more acutely than their male . During acute HIV infection, women also can notice changes in their menstrual cycles, whether a start too early or late, or not having one or more of their cycles. Continue reading “Effects of HIV and AIDS on women”

Early symptoms of HIV in men

When someone is HIV positive, this means that it has acquired the virus human immunodeficiency. This particular virus is the cause of AIDS, also known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, which impairs the individual’s immune system, making it harder to fight off diseases and conditions. Men may show symptoms from the onset of infection.

HIV in men

One of the most common initial symptoms of HIV, either in men or women, will involve some level of fever. This particular symptom often occurs soon after infection, within two to four weeks, and disappears as with any cold or flu. The fever is usually mild, being between 100 to 101 degrees F (37.5 to 38.5 Celsius). Continue reading “Early symptoms of HIV in men”

HIV and travel

As with any chronic disease, HIV does not prevent you from traveling! Instead, they allow you to change ideas, enrich you in contact with other people and other cultures. But before takeoff, one must carefully prepare your holiday with your doctor and avoid some areas and risk situations. One imperative continuity of care!

Want to explore other countries, to evolve in other places, your disease will usually not allowed to realize these desires. But before leaving, some precautions should be taken to make your holiday successful. Preparing for the trip

HIV and travel

General Tips

Unfortunately there are still countries that restrict their entry to HIV, such as Kazakhstan. This information is available on the Health tab of country profiles on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the embassy of the country concerned; Continue reading “HIV and travel”