Neurostimulation against Parkinson’s disease

It is possible for several years to improve the symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s disease by stimulating deep brain area. This surgical procedure is not available to all patients. Benefits, indications, techniques … Doctissimo an update.

This method is now practiced in over twenty centers in France and concern 300 new patients each year.
Neurostimulation: a beautiful story.
Neurostimulation is a beautiful scientific history, which began with experimental work. The researchers knew that the injury sub-thalamic nucleus (particular area of the brain) improves Parkinson’s symptoms in monkeys. But to go from this observation to the development of neurostimulation, it took two innovations, as recalled Prof. Agid the Salpêtrière (Paris), at the 7th International Forum on Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson's  disease

“Researchers from Bordeaux showed that poses an electrode supplied with electric current in the brain of an animal used to suppress parkinsonian symptoms caused. These results were immediately taken by the team of Prof. Benabib and Pollak in Grenoble , who has applied to the brain of the patient.’s great trick was to use a pacemaker to transform the transient effect in permanent effect on the deep brain structures. ” Continue reading “Neurostimulation against Parkinson’s disease”

Eye surgery: Lasik technique is 20 years old!

During the 20 years of LASIK, the technique of laser surgery most frequently used to correct myopia (lack of perception of objects by far), (lack of perception of objects closely) hyperopia and astigmatism, the ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) launches awareness campaign “LASIK, safe in our hands” **, with the hope of reassuring people still reluctant.

With the advent of Lasik, corneal refractive defects support has evolved significantly: this technique is painless, with an almost immediate effect, and surgical suites are minimal. RID forever of his glasses… until the presbyopia. Fact Doctissimo point on this revolutionary technique that repairs the vision of hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Eye surgery

Lasik, said between 20 and 40 years old
Lasik Surgery to repair the cornea refractive anomalies, either the myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia. In the case of myopia, this technique is to raise a very fine lamella of the cornea called pane and to remove below a layer whose thickness is a function to correct myopia. These two steps can be carried out using two successive lasers, femtosecond laser then the Excimer. Reserved for those whose nearsightedness is scalable, it is therefore contraindicated in less than 20 years, but particularly indicated between 20 and 40 years old. Continue reading “Eye surgery: Lasik technique is 20 years old!”