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Tips to stop smoking quickly

Smoking is recognized as the cause of many major health conditions, including cancer, by most health organizations. It is advisable for those who smoke, quit. Some people stop smoking by reducing the number of cigarettes gradually, but others quit suddenly and immediately. For the latter group, there are some tips that can help to stop […]

How does it explore the coronary arteries today?

Prior fears a heart scan are good legitimate. Are but they based? In recent years, Cardiology (medical or surgical) has been the subject of such progress that these reviews are totally controlled and harmless. Many reviews to explore the vascular network which irrigates the heart, some have lost their interest over time because they did […]

Smokers: more an excuse to stop!

The nicotine patches would be perhaps less effective in women who wish to stop smoking than men. But the new drug to help with withdrawal, Zyban ®, could not be accused of such sexism. Tobacco use increased significantly among women during the last decades. Now, close to a French four smokes. The problem of weaning […]

Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?

On the forums, the rumour runs… The electronic cigarette would be the miracle solution to stop smoking! It is suggested by several companies marketing these products. But in turn, the French and the World Health Organization health authorities recommend caution. The electronic cigarette reproduced the form and the sensations of a classic cigarette. It is […]

Stop smoking, choose what method?

It is the day J, you decided to quit smoking. Alone or accompanied, with or without consultation in a tobaccologist withdrawal methods are many. How to choose one that you should be? Doctissimo asked Dr. Veronique Peim tobaccologist and attached hospitals of Paris, his advice to not be mistaken. When it is smoking, it is […]