Cancer of the Lung in figures

Responsible for over 25,000 new cases each year in France, cancer of the bronchial tubes may be regarded as a major public health problem in our country. The most common cancer in humans, it represents in fact the leading cause of death by cancer in men and the third in women.


Not less than 27,000 deaths annually are attributable annually in France to lung cancer. Impressive figures, reminding that it is essential to develop means of prevention against this scourge by strengthening the fight against smoking. The France is also distinguished in no other developed in this area. Of public data on 16 September 2002 by the European society of respiratory diseases suggest that this cancer should remain the third cause of mortality in the old continent during the coming decades. Globally, this tumor also has a considerable impact (nearly one million deaths per year). Continue reading “Cancer of the Lung in figures”

Stop smoking, choose what method?

It is the day J, you decided to quit smoking. Alone or accompanied, with or without consultation in a tobaccologist withdrawal methods are many. How to choose one that you should be? Doctissimo asked Dr. Veronique Peim tobaccologist and attached hospitals of Paris, his advice to not be mistaken.

When it is smoking, it is never easy to choose “” method to his habits, his behaviour, his addiction, the method that will stop serenely, limiting the risk of relapse.

Stop smoking

Each smoker is unique
One might think that there are large categories of smokers and that a rapid classification would determine the best method to these groups. It is false. Every smoker is different and how to quit will not be your neighbor or even spouse. Indeed, it is difficult to say that a method is better than another. Dr. Peim adds however, that “the emergence of Nicotinic substitutes democratized smoking cessation treatments, because they require neither order nor specific consultation.” “Drugs on the other hand impose a passage to the doctor”. Continue reading “Stop smoking, choose what method?”

Sudden infant death prevention

The sudden deaths of infants remain difficult to explain. Since 1990, their number decreased through campaigns of prevention for the sleeping infants on their backs.

Intolerable, the sudden infant death syndrome occurs in a child in good health during his sleep and, in its first year of life, most often between two and four months. It leaves parents experiencing extreme distress and feelings of guilt.

Baby massage

If it is impossible to comfort a family affected by this drama, it should be recalled that, large and small, we are threatened daily by death. It can occur during sleep (the elderly often die during the night) but also at the wheel of a car or household activities… Zero risk does not exist. Continue reading “Sudden infant death prevention”