Men are not less sensitive to stress!

Stress is the disease of modern times. But men and women are equal before this scourge? Have the same capabilities to deal with the tensions of everyday life? The answers with Dr. Laurent Chneiweiss, psychiatrist and author of living stress-free.

Doctissimo: Are men more sensitive to stress than women?
Dr. Chneiweiss: First, let’s define the boundaries of the stress: when people complain, they often simply think about the difficulties they face in everyday life. But psychologically, the real stress corresponds to a precise definition: it is a defect of adaptation. Then there are stressors, events or circumstances that will force to adapt and stress itself, i.e. the set of adaptation of the organism, physiological and psychological reactions. With regard to men and women, stress affects both sexes equally. These are the reactions that are different: women respond by developing anxiety, men express anger and aggressiveness. With regard to the reactions to extreme stress, fuller for example depressions in women, and more than problems with temper tantrums among men.

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Doctissimo: What are the factors that cause the most stress?
Dr. Chneiweiss: There are two major stress factors. The first is the lack of time: when only one has lots of things to do in too short notice. Men and women are also vulnerable to this type of pressure. In practice, women are most concerned: they often have to reconcile a professional life and a family life loaded. The second major cause of stress, these are the relationships with others: social relationships, self-affirmation… Women complain more often, because they more easily express their emotions, but in fact both sexes are concerned. Continue reading “Men are not less sensitive to stress!”

Men, women uneven before depression

At the time of parity, equality of the sexes… of American researchers tried whether the events promoting depression were the same for men and women. Results: if women are more sensitive to the problems of their family circle, men appear to be more difficulties to live a separation or professional difficulties.

All latitudes, women are more prone to depression than men. A factor that intrigues long specialists and remains poorly understood. Is the second sex life more difficult? What is the role of the social environment?

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To answer these questions, the team of Dr. Kenneth s. Lender studied for ten years, in the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Virginia and the Institute of Psychiatry and behavioral genetics of Richmond, 5,000 pairs of variable sex twins born between 1934 and 1974. For this purpose, these twins were interviewed four times by professionals during this decade of investigation. Continue reading “Men, women uneven before depression”