Learn the gestures of emergency at school

Outside the hospital, cardiac arrest survival rate is less than 5% and the number of deaths it causes is every year in thousands. Yet, many lives could be saved if the first gestures of relief involved pending the arrival of professionals. But it is estimated that less than 7% of the French know these gestures which save. To remedy this, the Government proposes their learning at school.

A poll conducted in September 2000 by the SOFRES survey at the request of the French Red Cross has shown that 93% of the French believe that it is important to train in first aid. Yet less than 7 percent of the French are introduced to the emergency.

gestures of emergency

The importance of the first rescuer
The scientific work are categorical, the first rescuer plays a key role in the “chain of survival”. Thus, in August 2001, the Red Cross launched a massive awareness campaign first aid training. The Red Cross experts believe as well that “If the rescue of the first moment is quickly relayed by specialised relief, among others equipped with semi-automatic defibrillation devices, the chances of survival for a victim of cardiac arrest are increased by 20 %”. Continue reading “Learn the gestures of emergency at school”