Polypill, remedy miracle or vast deception?

Reduce the leading cause of mortality by 80%! This is the incredible announcement of two British researchers. The solution is to be found in the combination of several medicines known cardiovascular disease. But after the hope, the “polypill” is today in the heart of a controversy.

The announcement of a compound able to eradicate cardiovascular disease left bode well to the discovery of a new unique compound. But in reality, the long-awaited cure could be that a clever mix of existing drugs.


A carefully measured cocktail
Presented as the most important article published for 50 years by the prestigious British Medical Journal1, the work of researchers at the University of London Nicholas Ward and Malcolm2 Law undoubtedly constitute an event. Authors went through various studies of large magnitude (meta-analyses) and followed by population, comprising altogether 750 therapeutic trials on more 400 000 people! Continue reading “Polypill, remedy miracle or vast deception?”

Elderly people and travel

Seniors travel more and more, organized or independent manner, for discoveries and marvels. Where are the limits? Up to what age can a trip? Here are some tips for starting out on the right foot!

More active seniors travel more often and more frequently. But what types of destination should focus on? There is of course no rules. All depends on your state of health and current treatments, but also destination and especially in the preparation of the journey with the doctor.

Preparing for the trip

Drugs and seniors

With your doctor
See the at least one month before your departure; Check the relevance of the selection of the destination of your trip with him. Your physician, who know your state of health, will be able to advise you on your ability to travel (travel, transportation on the spot), potential hiking programs (duration, altitude, weather conditions, etc.) or sports, food found on the spot, and the medical resources of the regions visited. In some cases (for example a respiratory, rheumatologic disease or serious heart, loss of common knowledge, a complicated diabetes, chronic renal failure risk of dialysis, etc.), may advise that your doctor against you distant travel, recommending you to favour short movements. In any event there is no established rule, it is common sense that premium (attendants, opportunities for resting, health at the outset, treatment and climate); Continue reading “Elderly people and travel”