Menopause: How to best deal

I doubt a delicate period of life of every woman are many, and create anxiety even years to get there. Starting from hot flashes, mood changes from (that he sees the first people who live around) to the question of how to change your sex life.

We often hear about new approaches to better face the menopause and stay fit. We asked Dr. Roberta Daccò, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the CDI in Milan, to help us better understand what it is and how to deal with.

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What are the symptoms that suggest the beginning of menopause?

Menopause is the physiological event that corresponds to the term in women of childbearing age and menstrual cycle. Ends in menopause the ovaries: ovaries no longer produce follicles and estrogen (the main female hormone). This event is often preceded by a period in which the ovaries are working so imperfect, with possible consequences of advances or delays of the menstrual cycle more often. Sometimes occur even months out of the cycle, periods during which she can begin to experience some sweating or hot flash or mood changes, menstruation may become more scarce or more abundant easily, even in relation to the absence of ‘ovulation which sometimes elapses. Continue reading “Menopause: How to best deal”