Meal plan for 2,200 calories pregnancy with diabetes

Pregnancy requires a meal plan of 2,200 calories for a woman with diabetes . Be pre-existing or gestational diabetes during pregnancy can begin. If you have some form of this disease, your doctor will probably ask you to follow the meal plan of 2,200 calories, you control your blood sugar level regularly with a meter and keep track of your diet and the results of the blood sugar.

Purpose of diet

The meal plan of 2,200 calories controls the calories and carbs to regulate blood sugar and keep it on the level as normal as possible. You can often eat six times a day. You’ll have three meals and three snacks. Meals and snacks maintain balanced levels of protein, carbohydrates and fats for optimal blood sugar levels throughout the day.

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Tips for planning meals

Protein foods include meat, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, beans, legumes, tofu, milk, cheese and yogurt. Make all your meals and snacks have protein to help balance blood sugar levels. Fiber also stabilizes blood sugar levels. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables all contain fiber. Controls food labels for total levels of carbohydrates, calories and portion size. Continue reading “Meal plan for 2,200 calories pregnancy with diabetes”

Zone diet, safely during pregnancy

Although weight loss and pregnancy rarely go together, dieting is not always lose weight . An effective weight control during pregnancy can, however, be implemented following a strict dietary strategy while you are pregnant. A useful plan to stay healthy during pregnancy is the Zone Diet, Dr. Sears, a balanced approach to nutrition that can help your child develop their optimal capabilities.

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History of the Zone Diet
The Zone Diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears as a simple way to manage food intake. After noticing that individuals passed difficult times managing their portions of macronutrients, Dr. Sears developed an approach in which instructs those who do the diet, the easiest way to ensure that their bodies are fed optimally. Continue reading “Zone diet, safely during pregnancy”

Healthy Eating for baby brain development during pregnancy

Your baby grows and changes every day throughout pregnancy. Brain development is one of the most important factors of your baby’s growth and can stimulate a healthy brain by eating certain foods . Jonny Bowden and Allison Tannis, in his book “The 100 foods healthier to eat during pregnancy “, report that a balanced diet is essential during pregnancy, but some foods are more beneficial for brain development of your baby.

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Oily fish
Fat Fish is one of the best food sources of DHA, a substance that the brain of your baby needs to develop normally. Your body does not make DHA, so you must get it from food , and Tannis Bowden and recommend fat fish like salmon or lake trout, to help you get enough. Your baby needs DHA to promote appropriate training brain cells and brain tissue. DHA offers the added bonus of encouraging more sleep patterns of your baby after delivery and helps to prevent post-partum depression. Check with your doctor to know how much fish is safe you can eat. Continue reading “Healthy Eating for baby brain development during pregnancy”

What to expect from a twin pregnancy twelve weeks?

At week 12 of pregnancy, there is a good chance that your doctor and have noticed that you are pregnant with twins instead of a single pregnancy. According to website Women’s Healthcare, at 12 weeks you’re probably experiencing an increase in the size of the uterus, an increase greater than normal weight and increased morning sickness. At 12 weeks, the doctor may also have been able to detect beats.

twin pregnancy twelve weeks

Developing fetus
According to the Baby Center website, at 12 weeks, the twins should be about 3 inches (7.62 cm) long. Their limbs and organs are fully formed, but are not fully developed or functional. Their faces look normal. The twins begin to move, but still not be able to feel them. Baby Center also reports that babies have reflexes. They also move and collide with each other, make a fist and move the toes. Continue reading “What to expect from a twin pregnancy twelve weeks?”

Pregnancy: lack of sleep can affect the baby

Suffering from insomnia during pregnancy can cause premature births and affect the immune system of the baby. Kate Middleton has slept well when she was pregnant? It is a paramount issue for the health of the Royal Baby (which is still not known first name)! Indeed, a study conducted by the researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, in the United States, comes to show that a bad sleep during pregnancy could have an impact on the immune system of the baby and slow down its growth in utero.

affect the baby

If you sleep poorly, you might give birth to a low-weight baby (with its 3,800 kg, the royal baby has no concern to be!) that will be hard to defend when it encounters the first virus. Continue reading “Pregnancy: lack of sleep can affect the baby”

Prevent incontinence during pregnancy

Pregnancy is sometimes accompanied by minor ailments that we would be okay. While most of them immediately cease delivery past, others may persist see worsen. This is particularly the case of incontinence.

Still largely taboo, incontinence is a condition that affects so many women. They are 3 million to be concerned. Pregnancy is a major risk factor and a resurgence of the phenomena observed during this period. Nearly a third of women are affected by urinary incontinence during pregnancy. 10% to 20% immediately after birth and 10% of these women keep urinary weakness.

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A time more conducive to incontinence
If the risk of urinary incontinence after childbirth are known by the vast majority of women (76% of women are aware of this risk *), only 6 out of 10 women know that pregnancy itself is a sensitive period. And yet 41% of women experience leakage, however slight, over the nine months. Pregnancy is a delicate time. Weight gain, but also increase the uterus contribute both to promote the development of urinary incontinence. During childbirth, the levator ani muscles will be subject to a considerable stretch, resulting in lesions of varying importance. In addition, stretching the muscles of the perineum, which is performed at the time of delivery, the sounds of innervation. To muscle trauma can therefore add a nerve trauma. This then promotes the appearance of urinary leakage. Continue reading “Prevent incontinence during pregnancy”

Pregnancy: guide authorized drugs

We all know, drugs and pregnancy do not mix. Also, making pharmaceuticals whatever cannot be considered trivial manner during this period. No need to take the slightest risk. Zoom on a small guide to health care without endangering the health of baby.

Health authorities come to write a very complete guide to assist in the prescription of medicines during pregnancy. Physicians, but also pharmacists are regularly confronted with this problem and as we’d not joke with the health of a baby coming, it was high time to issue clear guidelines for drugs during pregnancy.

guide authorized drugs

A novelty that comes to point

This small guide of drugs banned, discouraged, or allowed, has certainly been published to facilitate the work of physicians but also and especially for safety during your pregnancy. Continue reading “Pregnancy: guide authorized drugs”

Why so many contraindications in pregnancy?

By looking at the records of drugs, we see quickly that they are likely to be discouraged if not contraindicated in pregnant women. Why? What are the harmful drugs known or unknown? Doctissimo provides a horizon…

In theory, all drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy. This precaution is especially in the ethical impossibility to pregnant women a topic of study.


The precautionary principle prevails

Indeed, it is not conceivable to study the risk of malformations on the embryo of a drug under real conditions. Data therefore remains unclear, often based on an extrapolation of the effects seen in animals. In short, the safety of a drug on the fetus is never sure 100%. In General, it is therefore better to refrain. Doctors still have back today. They know what the safest products. Some drugs are used for a long time and others could be taken by inadvertence or ignorance by women pregnant without adverse consequences. Continue reading “Why so many contraindications in pregnancy?”

Pregnancy and medicines: the basic tips

You are pregnant or want to be soon and wondering what is the course before your Cabinet to pharmacy. Likely in making a drug? Doctissimo is the point.

Advice to pregnant women or nursing mothers

Never take a medication without medical advice Although this drug is sold without a prescription. Attention: a drug that has been authorised to you in early pregnancy may be contraindicated in the past months.

Pregnancy and medicines

Always announce the existence of your pregnancy if you are in contact with health professionals (physician, pharmacist, nurse, etc.). Continue reading “Pregnancy and medicines: the basic tips”


Brain cancer has increased over the past twenty years, probably for environmental reasons. Exposure to certain carcinogens, including pesticides increases the risk of developing brain cancer. As for cell phones and antennas, they are strongly suspected …

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The different types of brain cancer

In a majority of cases, cancer of the brain starts in another part of the body, before reaching the brain. The origin of a brain tumor may be another cancer that has metastasized (breast, lung, colon, melanoma, salivary gland ….). Continue reading “WHO IS AT RISK OF BRAIN CANCER?”