Facts about massage therapy courses

Massage therapy courses has grown in popularity in recent years, and nowadays you can get almost any spa and request one. If you wish for health reasons or just to relax, massage offers many health benefits. With eighty different styles offered, you will surely find one that suits your needs.

It is believed that massage has been in use since man walked the earth, and people of all cultures have practiced over the years. The name of this therapy has evolved over time. Around the time when Hippocrates lived, was given names like tripsis, friction, manipulation, rubbing and shampoo. The first time I wrote something in a book about massage was around 2700. C. In India rarely find someone who does not know how to give a massage. This is exchanged between parents and their children. Swedish massage became popular during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and doctors began to use it as a form of medical treatment at the end of the nineteenth century. Massage lost their appeal between 1930 and 1940, but this therapy began to make a comeback in the 1970s.

massage therapy courses

There are many different types of massage and each uses its own variety of techniques. Swedish massage is a popular form that uses long strokes, kneading, friction, deep strokes using a circular motion vibration and rattle. The Amma massage originated in Asia and the movements used to stimulate the body’s energy points. Sports massage is the use of this and stretches, and techniques used are specific to complaints from sports enthusiasts. The deep tissue massage uses strokes to the muscles and tissues beneath the skin. Other types of massage include Shiatsu, Thai, which is done with hot stones and one for pregnancy . Reflexology is considered by some as massage, but she only works on the feet. Continue reading “Facts about massage therapy courses”