The management of Parkinson’s disease

Despite recent medical advances, there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease. But support can correct symptoms. The point with the Association France Parkinson.

Currently there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease but, since 1960, new treatments and discoveries succeed. Drugs allow a resumption of activities in 80% of cases. For Professor Pierre Cesaro, neurologist, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Association France Parkinson, “new treatments can improve the quality of life of patients and extend their life expectancy of ten years compared to 1970s. Among them, the brain stimulation reproduced stably the best effect of medical treatment. ”

Parkinson's disease

Drug treatments
Fifty years after the discoveries of Arvid Carlsson (Nobel Prize 2000) on dopamine, which gave rise to the standard treatment for Parkinson’s disease, researchers are still trying to better treat the symptoms if they can not cure the disease . We do not know in fact still stop to date, or even slow down the destruction of neurons that produce dopamine. Continue reading “The management of Parkinson’s disease”

Spend to treat my pressure

The practice of physical activity is beneficial to combat hypertension… provided they comply with certain precautions. Discover them with the French Committee against high blood pressure (CFLHTA).

Is the sport harmful for hypertensive patients? Can I start a sport despite my age? A bit of sport one twice a week, is it enough?… From a Sofres survey and a multidisciplinary work between experts, the French Committee against high blood pressure (CFLHTA) wanted to answer the many questions posed to patients on the practice of physical activity.

Spend to treat my pressure

More sports than the other hypertensive
Carried out in 2002, investigated by the Sofres to 2,500 people allowed to analyze the reports that hypertensive patients have with sports. Continue reading “Spend to treat my pressure”

Back pain: the computer cleared!

Sitting long hours in front of your computer, it is not uncommon that your back playing you tricks. Often accused, work on screen is responsible for these recurrent pain? The point with Doctissimo.

More than one French out of four suffers from back and eight out of ten will suffer during their lifetime. In 2000, a poll by le Parisien showed amazing frequency of this disorder: 27% of men and 36% of women regularly feel back pain1.

Back pain

The first cause of absence from work
Far from being trivial, chronic low back pain is a major cost for patients and the health system as a whole. The last ten years study assessed expenses related to these pains in France between 1.5 to 2 billion euros per year, of which EUR 500 million for the per diem related2 work stoppages. Continue reading “Back pain: the computer cleared!”