Acute pain in the arm

Acute pain in the arm is characterized by a sudden onset of mild discomfort to severe, manifesting anywhere from wrist to shoulder. The main causes of acute pain in the arm include damage to bones, muscles and tendons of the affected limb. Less frequently, infections and diseases can cause this condition. On physical examination, diagnostic tests and consideration of the factors surrounding the onset of discomfort help determine the cause and treatment for acute pain right arm.
Acute pain

Acute pain of the arm can be traumatic or non-traumatic. Traumatic causes are the most common cause of this disorder, reports Non-traumatic causes are frequently related to accidents, falls, sports injuries and hard hits. Among the major causes of acute nontraumatic arm pain include infections and heart disease. Continue reading “Acute pain in the arm”

Causes of arm pain

The arm pain may be due to multiple factors. Some causes are simple and easy to treat, while others are more serious. Most pains like those due to fractures or muscle tension, are directly related to the arm, but there may be indirect causes, such as heartburn.
Causes of arm pain

Fractures cause pain in the arm and require some treatment. Are due to some trauma or fracture a bone breaks. Other symptoms are swelling and localized bleeding if the skin gets to break. If the nerves are damaged by the fracture, numbness and paralysis may occur, so you need medical treatment for pain. Continue reading “Causes of arm pain”