Lumbago, sciatic, herniated disc, as many pathologies of the spine (called rachis again) become a Calvary for those who suffer from. Often presented as a solution of last resort, surgery of the spine allows today, through new technologies, alleviate the evil of the century.

-Back pain: who and when operates t – on?
-Between classic surgery and new surgery
-Operations of the back more “gentle”.
-Changing back surgery
-Back surgery: a miracle solution?
-Back pain: prevention and awareness
-Lumbago, backache, sciatique…, how to distinguish them?


“I had the feeling to be released”.
“I have full back ! This exclamation was not found by chance. The back is indeed one that bears the weight of pain, physical or psychological. In France they are about three million people who suffer back. Many people who have tried the physiotherapists and osteopaths, the disqualification and pomades relaxing without find outcome to this evil which range daily and sometimes becomes a real handicap social and professional. If all patients cannot be candidate for back surgery, for some diseases, it is very effective. With new technologies that today enjoys this surgery operations become less invasive and more in more rapid convalescence. Continue reading “THE BACK SURGERY, CHANGING”