How to conduct a mental health assessment?

A mental health assessment conducted by a specialist psychologist may be necessary if you seek help in case of depression, suicidal thoughts, or if you are testing for psychological treatment. These tests are also frequently used in child custody cases and drug rehab. There are several steps in conducting them; Therefore, be sure to gather all relevant information before implementing them.

 mental health


Review process for mental health

Assesses levels of depression and anxiety using psychological inventories. For example, the Beck Depression Inventory, Anxiety Scale and the Hopelessness Scale, as well as the Firestone Assessment Self-destructive thoughts were designed to measure levels of anxiety and depression, states of current and recent mood, and suicidal ideas. An experienced clinician must be authorized to administer such tests. Continue reading “How to conduct a mental health assessment?”

Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?

On the forums, the rumour runs… The electronic cigarette would be the miracle solution to stop smoking! It is suggested by several companies marketing these products. But in turn, the French and the World Health Organization health authorities recommend caution.

The electronic cigarette reproduced the form and the sensations of a classic cigarette. It is inside this small achievement of miniaturization: a battery, a microprocessor, a spray and a cartridge designed to be sprayed and comprising a liquid which may contain nicotine or aromatic substances in food additives or artificial flavours based. At each puff, liquid mixed with the inspired air is released as steam, which reproduced the smoke of a cigarette is inhaled by the user.


WHO has never endorsed electronic cigarettes
Companies selling electronic cigarettes generally describe these as a way to help smokers to get rid of their dependence on tobacco. Some have even been up to suggest that the world Organization of the health (who) considered this technique as legitimate as Nicotinic substitutes (gum, lozenges and patches to nicotine). Continue reading “Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?”

Mental illness, second leading cause of mortality in 2020

An estimated 400 million the number of people today with mental or neurological disorders or suffering from psychosocial problems. According to experts, these diseases, depression in epilepsy, will be the second cause of mortality and disability by 2020.

“Non-exclusion – Yes to care”, such is the slogan of the day of the world Organization of the health, the world health report will be devoted to mental health. 400 million patients

Mental illness

Maladies mentales According to the who, 400 million is the number of people suffering from disorders mental or neurological or suffering from psychosocial problems related to alcoholism or drug addiction. Although attention has been focused on these conditions, much remains to be done. Depression is currently the Fifth cause of death and disability in the world and Dr. Benedetto Saraceno, Director of the Department of mental health, who, it should reach second place by 2020.Stressful urban life. Continue reading “Mental illness, second leading cause of mortality in 2020”