Losing weight versus lose fat

Actually there are few people who want to lose weight, what they really want, in most cases is to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. Specifically fat Losing weight requires you to do some strategic tweaks in your fitness plan.

Losing weight

Fat storage

Your body stores excess calories you do not need for your functions as fat normal, which usually accumulates in the buttocks, stomach and hips. For most people, though less simply a secondary effect of removing this excess fat. If your goal is to become a healthier and get into better shape, you should concentrate on making changes in lifestyle that lead to the removal of this fat, instead of obsessing over the number on the scale. Continue reading “Losing weight versus lose fat”

Does drinking a smoothie protein after exercise helps you lose weight?

When it comes to losing weight, there is no magic pill or potion that could help you lose weight at night. To lose weight in a healthy way, you need to cut your calories and exercising. This creates a caloric deficit overall burn fat in your body and use it as fuel. Drinking protein shakes can help your muscles to recover after exercise , but will not help you lose weight, especially if you reduce the calories in your diet.

lose weight

If you exercise and do not reduce the calories you consume, you will find it harder to lose weight. Therefore, it is important while reducing your calories exercising. Do 30 to 40 minutes of exercise daily cardiovascular. The exercise cardiovascular includes jogging, jumping rope, biking and running. For example , if you weigh 150 pounds (68 kg) and run a distance of five miles (8 km), burn an average of 500 calories. Do this three times a week and burn an average of 1,500 calories in a week. Continue reading “Does drinking a smoothie protein after exercise helps you lose weight?”

Do you run two hours a day on a treadmill help you lose weight?

Running is an effective exercise to lose weight, strengthens muscles and burns calories, which can help you lose weight. If you have the time and energy to running on a treadmill two hours a day you can lose weight, but only if you accompany it with healthy eating habits and avoid injuries.

your lose weight

Weight loss
The formula for losing weight is simple: you have to burn more calories than you consume. Your body burns a certain amount of calories each day just to maintain basic metabolic functions operating. This number is your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and varies depending on the size body , sex and age. According to the Mayo Clinic, also burns calories to process food and get energy for basic daily activities. The total calorie burn those factors is the amount you need to maintain your current weight. As long as you do not eat more than that number of calories you burn running, lose weight. Continue reading “Do you run two hours a day on a treadmill help you lose weight?”

The best foods to eat to lose belly fat

Losing weight and abdominal fat can be difficult. Find natural ways to lose weight can be even more difficult, especially with pills and fasting advertisements that claim to help people lose weight without additional effort. There has been research on the best foods to eat to lose belly fat. Fortunately, people can lose belly fat easily and naturally by following a simple strategy to lose weight.

 lose belly fat

Get enough water
Water is vital for weight loss as it hydrates your internal organs and body systems. The endocrine system, for example, regulates metabolism. When glands are hydrated functioning properly, causing a metabolism is accelerated, which causes weight loss easier. Drink at least 64 ounces (8 cups) of water a day to ensure that your metabolism is working at maximum capacity. Although the juice, soda and milk contain a percentage of water, consume only pure water to have the necessary fluid intake. Avoid sodas completely, as they often contain sugars, empty calories or artificial sugars do not hydrate the body and can hinder weight loss. Continue reading “The best foods to eat to lose belly fat”

To successfully lose weight, you better be well followed in the medical

Losing weight is not easy and not always without risk. So better go see a serious practitioner to be well supported in the medical field. It will help you establish an effective plan of action for achieving your goals. In terms of overweight, as to leave nothing to chance!

In our society, thinness is the ideal rule. The definition of overweight is still very different for health professionals from the magazines. To your doctor if you are overweight your body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 25 ( Calculate your body mass index ). Go see a doctor you will appreciate to its proper level the importance of your overweight. Your doctor may also take into account other clinical parameters that have prognostic value for health, such as the degree of adiposity, assessed by simple measurement of waist circumference (usually less than 90 cm in women and 100 cm in men). The doctor may also measure using a compass skinfold thickness in different areas of the body (abdomen, shoulder, hip) in order to assess the importance of body fat.

successfully lose weight

You better understand to a better therapeutic approach
The first consultation is essential because it allows the practitioner to not only specify the type of obesity in question but also and especially to assess the factors that may have contributed to your being overweight: a history of obesity in the family, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise or, more unusually, thyroid disease … The examination is usually long and detailed because the decision to lose weight and start a diet should never be taken lightly. Continue reading “To successfully lose weight, you better be well followed in the medical”

Tips for losing weight: 10 tips practical and effective to burn off excess fat

How to lose weight in a healthy, safe, and why not … fun. The goal, stated or not, is to set us in shape, lose at least a size, feel lighter and more secure than our physical appearance. Easy to say. But how? With work, commitments, maybe the family …

Sometimes, fortunately, the solution is easier than it sounds. And sometimes it is so handy that we can not see: our advice is to do a few things but do them well. This is especially true for those who want to get in shape.


Here are our recommendations, ten rules (5 to follow in the gym, followed by 5 in the table) that will not fail to give their results.
In the gym Continue reading “Tips for losing weight: 10 tips practical and effective to burn off excess fat”

Losing weight

A question of you head weights every day to find that, despite all your efforts, the weight increase instead of decrease? Frequent the gym three times a week but the rolls on the sides are more and more instead of less? renounce all the sins of the throat but your pants are always too tight? So, maybe the problem is another: the head.

More and more nutritionists and doctors say that losing weight is not only a question of ‘physical’, but that weight loss also has a lot to do with our mood. If you want to get results, obviously not just take the stairs instead of daily or regularly attend an aerobics class.


To lose weight you must feel good. It seems a contradiction, because we often lose weight because we do not feel good, precisely because of those chalets too. But on the other hand this also shows just how closely the interaction between body and mind. Body and mind, inseparably linked. Continue reading “Losing weight”

Losing weight. Questions and Answers

Losing weight. That company. Especially when you do not know where to start. And especially when friends, dear friends and acquaintances to do to confuse us further ideas. Yet there are few rules to follow, not at all complicated, if you decided to cut a few inches on their waist, or legs. Here are 5 questions and 5 answers clear and direct. Then you will no more excuses…

Diet or exercise? Which one is more effective for weight loss?
The ideal would be to combine both. Reduce the calorie intake on the one hand, increase the consumption of the other, would be the winning combination. If you have to / want to make a choice: better diet. Eating too much thinking “so tomorrow I train …” never did anyone lose weight.

Losing weight.

What type of exercise is best for losing weight?
Definitely an aerobic exercise, like the jogging, stationary bike, step. Practiced regularly – at least 3-4 times a week with sessions of 30 minutes. The exercise with weights (anaerobic) can help to tone and firm, but not the most appropriate when it comes to burn excess fat. Continue reading “Losing weight. Questions and Answers”