Does drinking coffee before training helps you lose weight?

There are several reasons why the coffee drink before training can increase weight loss. Caffeine is in a cup of coffee accelerate metabolism, providing a temporal energy increase may give as result harder training, and therefore, contribute to weight loss. But there are other factors to consider.

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Burn Fat
According to a study cited by the Australian Institute of Sport, caffeine can cause your muscles to use fat as an energy source instead of using sugars from carbohydrates, although this effect is short and inconsistent in some people. It is also believed that caffeine improves athletic performance during activities strengthening body enhancing skills to achieve additional energy fat reserves during an event. The cafe also has a diuretic effect that helps weight loss after exercise. But says that although caffeine may provide a slight weight loss or prevent weight gain, there is no evidence that increasing caffeine consumption can produce significant weight loss or permanent. Continue reading “Does drinking coffee before training helps you lose weight?”

Do you run will help you lose weight?

Euphoria. This is how describe long distance runners sensation to hit the pavement. However, if you are a beginning runner, you can take some time to feel this experience. Many people are like a form of exercise that helps you lose weight faster, instead practice a more moderate physical activity. While running has clear benefits for the body, there are other things you should take into account not just pick an exercise that makes you breathe harder.

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Burn calories

An elevated heart rate, rapid breathing, and increased sweating are signs you need to know to run requires more physical effort than walking. A greater amount of effort equivalent to burning more calories (to some extent). In general, if you move faster you can cover a greater distance, resulting in an increase in the number of calories you burn. Continue reading “Do you run will help you lose weight?”

Tips to lose weight in a healthy way

How to lose weight in a simple way, how to lose weight doing careful a few important rules-of-life and food. Tips to lose weight .

Not always necessary to have recourse to strict diets, or stemmata training sessions in the gym (are, clearly, even!) to lose some weight. To lose weight without almost realizing it may be some small change in our lifestyle. Just be careful and set differently some of our habits. Don’t believe it? Even we thought … and since it doesn’t cost anything, we tried. Successfully. Here are our tips to lose weight in ‘ painless ‘:)

Tips to lose weight

The base: increasing physical activity and reduce calories introduced through food. Always keep in mind these two points that are the basis for any advice that will follow. Continue reading “Tips to lose weight in a healthy way”

Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast

Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast. How to lose weight with exercise at the gym, aerobic exercise and diet. Practical advice for weight loss and regain shape quickly.

During this period, the gyms are slowly filling up with women and girls with the gym have little to do, or if you have never attended one, have done so irregularly and very little conviction. Yet, the beginning of the end of winter, the days begin to lengthen slowly, awaken in all of us desire to lose the pounds accumulated, you want to lose weight, getting into shape. Objective: summer, beach, clothes that are trendy and skinny as possible.

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Losing weight can be, as we well know, and a healthy weight loss can be achieved relatively quickly (we’re talking about 3-4 months anyway, here is where lies the importance of starting now …) as long as you put commitment consistency, strength of will.
Forget impromptu races through the streets of the neighborhood (who are also at risk incident) and concentrate on a typical weight-loss chart that includes enrollment in a gym, and a proper diet. Continue reading “Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast”

The secret to getting into shape for summer?

The secret to those who want to get fit, lose weight, tone, firm and reduce the circumference of waist, hips, legs, arms is just one: serious work in the gym, and balanced diet. All those who will offer miraculous ways to lose weight effortlessly you are selling what is commonly called … ‘Hot air’

But then, you say, how do you actually set to a serious program that will lead from now when the holidays (which are closer than you think …) in better shape than we have today? Many, indeed many readers write to us asking how to do it, wondering where to start, how to set up a workout, diet, etc..

The secret to getting

First, physical activity, which is very important. A gym is definitely the right place, especially when it’s cold again, to burn excess calories and train muscles with light weights and machines. So the first advice is to join a good gym, and organize themselves in order to have time for at least three sessions (preferably four) weekly training. Continue reading “The secret to getting into shape for summer?”

Walking to lose weight, lose weight or walking

Five myths debunked on the best way to lose weight in a healthy and fast with cardio training. Walking to lose weight? Yes, yes, but only if …

No denying it, the beginning of summer always makes us wanna dispose of a few extra pounds each year. We just want to get back on form for the summer, and feel (hopefully) finally at ease in front all’impietoso time of ‘dress rehearsal’.

And to lose weight, you know, the physical movement is very important. Important and useful to dispose of a few extra pounds, but only provided you do it properly, and combining it with a serious and balanced diet. In this short article will address five myths related to training cardio (which is the more technical term to indicate brisk walking, cycling or running or to make us understand) and in doing so we will try to understand together what is really needed and what is not needed or even dangerous. If you are planning to put a run on the streets of your neighborhood to get back in shape before you read below.


1) To burn fat you need to wear tracksuits materials that make you sweat while running, so you can dispose of the fat faster. FALSE: this way you will lose any liquid in the form of sweat, and minerals. The fat has nothing to do with sweat. Unfortunately. Continue reading “Walking to lose weight, lose weight or walking”

A flat stomach. 10 tips for a flat abdomen

Spring season, you start to think about the belly. Not just for the beach, but also in cities, at school, at work. A belly can show, a waist ‘content’, a flat abdomen is an accessory to all the effects for those who want to do well in light fashion, adherent, fluttering in the spring and summer.

And then, next to the inevitable (and certainly much more concrete) rules to lose weight and reduce your waistline through regular workouts and diets balanced, we also allow you to list 10 effective and practical advice that will help you to ‘accelerate’ time to give you a flat abdomen, or at least somewhat ‘flatter, in very short time. Do not believe us? Try to read and think.


1) Eliminate from your diet, starting from yesterday, all those vegetables and fruits that you know from experience that cause bloating, the famous beans on … the belly is not ‘air’ is already a flatter tummy. Continue reading “A flat stomach. 10 tips for a flat abdomen”

Losing weight

A question of you head weights every day to find that, despite all your efforts, the weight increase instead of decrease? Frequent the gym three times a week but the rolls on the sides are more and more instead of less? renounce all the sins of the throat but your pants are always too tight? So, maybe the problem is another: the head.

More and more nutritionists and doctors say that losing weight is not only a question of ‘physical’, but that weight loss also has a lot to do with our mood. If you want to get results, obviously not just take the stairs instead of daily or regularly attend an aerobics class.


To lose weight you must feel good. It seems a contradiction, because we often lose weight because we do not feel good, precisely because of those chalets too. But on the other hand this also shows just how closely the interaction between body and mind. Body and mind, inseparably linked. Continue reading “Losing weight”

Are you on a diet? Weight Loss Diet: Some tips

The warm period, the period in which all would not have let go during the winter months, is also a time of good intentions, the diets of the entries in the gym, long walks in the hope of burning those … 3 chiletti say too …

The Spring / Summer is the time when you feel more motivated, and often gets seriously to work to recover the shape.

Are you on a diet

Read: diet. Taking for granted that if you want to get serious about dieting will do so with the help of a doctor and let lose the potentially dangerous diets DIY, here we would like to give you some generic advice not only start a diet but also making sure that this function, and that motivation remains high throughout the period (and not in the first three days …). Continue reading “Are you on a diet? Weight Loss Diet: Some tips”