The “ice cream headache” book its mysteries

The headache caused by cold (also referred to as “ice cream”) is an experience that most of us have known: a pain in the head usually in the front following the ingestion of ice or a too cold soda. Despite its high frequency, scientists are still struggling to explain the disorder. The explanation of this phenomenon could eventually have an impact on the treatment of other forms of migraine.

Cold-induced headache book secrets
American researchers recruited 13 adults in good health and have monitored the blood flow of volunteers at the level of the cerebral arteries using several trans-crannies Doppler. All drank of the water ice with a straw pressed against their Palace (ideal conditions to bring this famous “ice cream headache”) and then drank the same amount of water at room temperature.

ice cream

Volunteers raised their hands at the onset of pain and his disappearance. The results showed that a particular artery, anterior cerebral artery, to dilatants quickly and was inundated with blood at the time where the pain was felt. Soon after this expansion, the same vessel contracts as the discomfort. Continue reading “The “ice cream headache” book its mysteries”