The forgotten children of the drug?

Children are the forgotten drug? Was the theme of a symposium, organized by the national Union of the pharmaceutical industry on October 5, 2000? Unfortunately, we cannot respond positively to this question. Because inadequate packaging and drugs designed for adults today is the common lot of the majority of the young patients. Where hope to remedy this problem by setting up a European regulation encouraging industry to pediatric medicines.

Large capsules difficult to swallow, tablets that should break into small pieces or crushed, it is every day that pediatricians should “Tinker” solutions to enable their small patients health care. When they do not prescribe off authorization on the market, a drug normally reserved for adults – with all the consequences that one can imagine legally – when a complication arises. In total, “three-quarters of drugs used in children and more than 90% of those who are employed in a hospital emergency have not been assessed home”, said Annie Wolf, responsible for the Mission of the Ministry of employment and solidarity orphans and pediatric drugs.

children of the drug

Not enough drugs against hypertension and pain

Many drugs are thus in children such anti-ulcer, pain, anti-inflammatory, general anesthetics products and the antihypertensive. If the usual antibiotics are quite numerous, physicians taking children complain also did not have a sufficient amount of anti-infective injection. Finally, in the field of AIDS and cancer, the therapeutic arsenal is not also complete that one would wish. Continue reading “The forgotten children of the drug?”