Attention to the erosion of the enamel!

In addition to change the aesthetics of teeth, this disorder can long term cause hypersensitivity and pain similar to those caused by caries. To avoid then, Doctissimo book you tips.

Cavities are in sharp decline, but dental pain still exist! From some point, alteration of the enamel of the teeth can cause comparable to decay suffering. How to avoid it? Preserve its tooth enamel isn’t to good oral hygiene…
Prevent erosion of enamel

Attention to the erosion

Our eating habits have changed. In Europe, consumption of fruit, soft drinks and fruit juice continues to increase. Result: we eat more acidic and our teeth pay the fort1 price! The erosion of the enamel of the teeth would affect 20% of the French2. This phenomenon increases with age and affects more men than women for bothersome symptoms… Continue reading “Attention to the erosion of the enamel!”