How to burn belly fat at home

Having fat in the stomach area increases your risk of having a stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. The uncontrollable cravings for food and stress are common causes of abdominal fat. Do crunches and sit numerous exercises strengthen the muscles, but will not remove that layer of fat. No such thing as “localized depletion” or lose fat only from a body part. So, to lose abdominal fat, you must reduce that you have in your whole body. area of the stomach increases your risk of having a stroke , high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. The uncontrollable cravings for food and stress are common causes of abdominal fat. Do crunches and sit numerous exercises strengthen the muscles, but will not remove that layer of fat. No such thing as “localized depletion” or lose fat only from a body part. So, to lose abdominal fat, you must reduce that you have in your whole body.

how to burn belly fat



1.) Eat five to six small meals a day and nutritious. By eating every three hours, your metabolism forces continue to operate and are less likely to have cravings by eating food that could sabotage the results. Thirty percent of the calories they consume over day should come from proteins. The 25 percent should come from healthy fats and 45 percent should come from carbohydrates. Good choices include foods rich in fiber and whole grains, lean protein and unsaturated fats. Replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats, such as avocado, nuts and olive oil.

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First national plan to combat cardiovascular disease

First dated, this three-year plan is an unparalleled scale. With a budget of 30 million to€ uros, the Ministry of health proposes to reduce 20% of cardiovascular diseases over the next ten years.

Although his following a skiing accident, the Minister of health Bernard Kouchner has plans of public health at the speed of a sprinter. This time, the France is developing the first national program of cardiovascular risk reduction. And the Minister the announcement clearly: “if we should remember that a public health plan, this would be it!”.

First national plan to combat cardiovascular disease

Public health priority
Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in France with almost 180 000 deaths per year. No fewer than 120,000 people are treated each year for myocardial infarction and 130 000 for a stroke. And 20 million people are affected by these diseases prevention approaches. The origin of this carnage, the risk factors are identified: tobacco, physical inactivity and obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, too high levels of lipids in the blood. The new national program proposes to consider prevention as a whole. Continue reading “First national plan to combat cardiovascular disease”

Do forget your medications!

Regardless of the medium used, the important thing is to remember to take the treatment that you prescribed your doctor. Here are a few tips to help you.

If one of us does never wondered if he took his medication, he raises his hand. He certainly lies. Or is it there are a few tricks. In fact, everyone can find his own stuff. Here are some that offer physicians and pharmacists we interviewed.

Do forget your medications!

Small stuff
Medicines should be taken while you are not sick, those that we can forget about once without putting his life at risk, such as birth control pills, a treatment for cholesterol, etc., the easiest way is to “somewhere in the House through which it passes must be every day, even if it is not quite at the same time”. This place may be the bathroom, next to his toothbrush, the sugar bowl where the sugar substitutes of breakfast… Attention however, if you have children, never leave medication at their fingertips. Continue reading “Do forget your medications!”

Can be done of the sport when the voltage?

When you have high blood pressure, sports is particularly recommended. Regular, moderate physical activity is part of the treatment. This Council of exercise could even be entered on the order in the same way as drugs!

If you exercise regularly, your blood pressure will drop by approximately “1 point”, so the figure higher than for the lower number. For example, a 16-10 voltage can drop up to 15-9.

High blood pressure

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Risk factors for women

Cardiovascular diseases, men and women are not equal. Indeed, the risk of developing a problem are higher in men. But beyond this controversial inequality, specifically female risks exist. Discover them to better avoid!

Because they appear on average 10 years later in women than in men, it was long believed the fair sex spared problems cardiovascular1. However, different studies allowed to identify unisex risk and hazard-specific factors women2.3.

Risk factors for women

General risk factors
Cholesterol: When there is excess cholesterol can be deposited on artery walls, forming fatty plaques that can thicken over time (atheroma plates). If the calibre of the arteries is reduced, blood flows more poorly and clots can form (risk of angina pectoris, sudden death, cerebral vascular accidents, Arteritis, etc.). To learn more, check out our animation “Cholesterol and heart attacks” ; Continue reading “Risk factors for women”

Core business, the role of hypertension

High blood pressure affects nearly 10 million French. Very many men are involved. Among them, 1 in 7 suffer from due to hypertension itself or the prescription erectile dysfunction. Attention, these problems are often initially bad treatment monitoring. Only solution: overcome its reluctance and talking to his doctor.

When you’re heart, Affairs of the heart are not always easy. On the one hand, sexual failures are more common than other men, on the other hand, the fear of heart attack fears that these love stories end badly… How to share the fantasy and the reality?

High blood pressure

Hypertension and erectile dysfunction
High blood pressure (hypertension) is defined by a pressure blood pressure systolic over 14 (140 mm of mercury) or the pressure blood diastolic over 9 (90 mm of mercury). According to the latest epidemiological data established by the national Committee to combat high blood pressure, it is estimated that 10 million people are high blood pressure and that 7 million are under treatment.

Among this large population, men can have any erectile dysfunction due to their high blood pressure and/or because of the treatment that they follow. A major study epidemiological American (Massachusetts Male Aging Study) carried out in 1994 shows that erectile dysfunction concern 9.6% of 1290 men 40 to 70 years surveyed. Among treated hypertensive, this percentage was 15%, either 1 patient treated on 7.

Alteration of the arteries
Why high blood pressure promotes the occurrence of erectile dysfunction? There are two main causes:

This condition causes an alteration of the arteries, whose structure is altered due to the increase in pressure. In addition, high blood pressure promotes atherosclerosis, i.e. the thickening and hardening of artery walls. The passage of the blood in the arterial tissue is so disabled and the quality of the erection decreased;

Some treatments for high blood pressure may also have an impact on the sexuality of the patient.
Some studies3 report a fix to get and maintain an erection that is greater in hypertensive patients treated compared to the untreated. The mechanisms involved are still pretty mysterious.

What is less, this is the bad monitoring of the treatment of erection problems. Impact on the sexual life of the hypertensive patient treated even sometimes causes a discontinuation of treatment, which is not without consequences on cardiovascular fate3.

Despite these side effects, few patients would be able to overcome their reluctance and to discuss it with their doctor. “If you go beyond the psychological course express the problem, it is possible, more or less easily, to erectile dysfunction solutions. In some cases, a simple modification of the treatment can solve the difficulties; elsewhere on the contrary, it will take both to reassure the patient and possibly prescribe a treatment of the erectile dysfunction which, most often, poses little problems of interaction with the treatment hypertensive.”said Dr. Nicolas Danchin, hypertension specialist at a conference on the relationship between hypertension and erectile dysfunction. The only absolute contraindication is the association of nitrates and inhibitors of phosphodiesterase.

Tired buzzers: Beware of sleep apnea!

Sleep apnea are more common than we think! 4 to 8% of the population would be concerned. And these nocturnal respiratory cases are a real threat to health. The responsible PR. Jean-Louis Racineux, of the Department of Pneumology at the CHU of Angers is one of the organizers of the day national apnea of sleeping. He developed for Doctissimo on this disease that strikes at night.

The sleep apnea is not a problem to ignore. This disorder results in short breathing stops during the night. Long term, the poor oxygenation of the body causes heart problems, high blood pressure and the risk of myocardial infarction. Screening, treatment… Pr Jean-Louis Racineux answers our questions.

Beware of sleep apnea

Doctissimo: Are sleep apnea now better detected?

Apneas sommelier. Racine: The number of consultations for sleep apnea increases regularly for a few years. Because the public is better informed and this disorder better diagnosed by doctors. But there are still many patients who ignore. It is estimated that 4% of the population suffer from this syndrome, but the exact figure would be closer to 8%. Apneas affect as many chronic diseases such as asthma or diabetes world! Should therefore further strengthen public information and train practitioners to the identification of the symptoms. Similarly, should be given more human and material resources to services of pneumology, today totally overloaded. Because it is at the hospital will be the diagnosis, after a full night of sleep recording. Continue reading “Tired buzzers: Beware of sleep apnea!”