Generalization of defibrillators: there is urgency!

ardiac arrest cause 50,000 deaths each year. Against this scourge, the quick use of defibrillators could save many lives. Must be able to access…

Nearly 110 people die each day of cardiac arrest. Facing this vital emergency, every minute that passes reduces the survival rate of 10%. To react quickly and well, better training to first aid actions and quick access to a simple external cardiac defibrillator for use are essential.

Generalization of defibrillators

Objective: Save 10,000 lives a year
Cardio-respiratory arrest is responsible in France from 40 to 50 000 deaths per year. Faced with this scourge and in case of ventricular fibrillation, the issuance of an adequate rapid electrical shock to restore a normal heart rhythm. In the absence of support in less than 10 minutes, the chances of survival are stabilisation. On the other hand, if the victim receives an electric shock during the first minute, they are greater than 90%. And in 70% of cases of cardiac arrest, witnesses are present and may act. It to access to use simple solutions. Continue reading “Generalization of defibrillators: there is urgency!”