Pain in arms

There are many causes for sore arms from heart attacks to insect bites, or carpal tunnel syndrome to auto-immune disorders. Some medical problems affecting other parts of the body can cause pain in arms too. If you feel you pain is mild and tolerable, you can probably treat it at home with some medication to counter the pain. If the pain is severe and unbearable or if more than three days you have it, consulting with your doctor.

Pain in arms

Muscle strain
Arms pain may be the result of muscle strain, due to a spasm, muscle stretch or rigidity. Muscle strains usually happen when efforts are made during physical activity, especially when you first start or if you started a new exercise routine. If you have a muscle sprain and something that I have caused muscle cramp, feel pain and you can not move your arm too. If you have a severe sprain you may need to be evaluated by a doctor and get treatment. A muscle strain is different from a muscle contusion, which occurs due to a blow or trauma. Symptoms include cramping muscle strain, pain, inability to perform large movements. Continue reading “Pain in arms”

The research against the bad cholesterol

How to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase good? This cruel dilemma researchers rely on several factors. In addition to the search for new drugs, they were able to focus on prevention: nutrition and physical activity. But for young victims of cardiac accident, the cause of the problem might be genetic.

Blood cholesterol is transported by the lipoprotein (FAT + protein). Certain lipoproteins, LDL, favour the formation of the atherosclerotic plaque that can lead to a blood flow filling and a heart attack or a stroke.

bad cholesterol

Others are rather beneficial because they allow the elimination of excess cholesterol in the cells: these are the HDL or good cholesterol. Protect from cardiovascular disease and reduce the risk of heart attacks. Continue reading “The research against the bad cholesterol”

Expansion of the use of external defibrillators

In a cardiac arrest, the use of defibrillators to increase the chances of survival. Widely disseminated in public places across the Atlantic, the use of these devices remained limited in France. But a new decree has changed the situation.

There are each year in France between 30,000 and 60,000 heart attack. Against this scourge and in case of ventricular fibrillation, the prompt issuance of a suitable electric shock can restore a normal heart rhythm and save the person. External defibrillators today to do this with ease. Their dissemination should rapidly increase.

external defibrillators

Benefits against heart attacks
We know that more relief are involved early, the more the chances of survival. Every minute that passes reduces the chances of 10%. Ventricular fibrillation (VF) is spontaneously lethal. In the absence of support in less than 10 minutes, the chances of survival are stabilisation. On the other hand, if the victim receives an electric shock during the first minute, they are greater than 90%. Low weight and small size, automatic or semi-automatic equipment are able to analyse the heart rate prior to the issuance of a life-saving shock, a system of possible malfunction and even assistance to the actions to be carried out by the vocal instructions. Continue reading “Expansion of the use of external defibrillators”

Is sex dangerous for the heart?

Can sex be originally of myocardial infarction? Rarely, this accident is due to such an activity. However, some experts talk about a doubling of the risk! Not panic, however, the danger remains very low in absolute terms and in most cases, the carnal love is a “practice” activity.

Classically, cardiologists are wary of Monday morning. Numerous epidemiological studies have, in fact, described a number of myocardial infarction more important this day there. This strange phenomenon has been assigned with the change of pace associated with the passage of the weekend the week and stress that accompanies many people home from work. Consumption of alcohol, which is traditionally important weekend in Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian countries, could also play a negative role at this level (the alcohol acting on blood clotting).

dangerous for the heart

The false repose of the Warrior
In 2001, a study in Toulouse by the team of Professor Jean Ferrières (INSERM) has however led to conclusions somewhat different1. The researchers analyzed the number of myocardial infarction according to the days of the week, using: Continue reading “Is sex dangerous for the heart?”