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Pain in arms

There are many causes for sore arms from heart attacks to insect bites, or carpal tunnel syndrome to auto-immune disorders. Some medical problems affecting other parts of the body can cause pain in arms too. If you feel you pain is mild and tolerable, you can probably treat it at home with some medication to […]

How to diagnose severe back pain

The diagnosis of severe back pain is done by a doctor. If the pain is accompanied by symptoms of dizziness, chest pain and difficulty breathing, should be treated as an emergency. Go to the nearest emergency room, as you may be suffering a heart attack. When there is severe back pain, there are several different […]

Sexual activity and heart disorders in humans

The practice of sexual activity is often compatible with the existence of cardiac disorders. Nevertheless, it is normal to wonder following a cardiovascular accident, illness, on its capabilities. Shed light on these cases of heart. The sexual act is extraordinary and leads to a transformation of the metabolism that can legitimately worry about the convalescent […]